3.PARADIS Spring/Summer 2024: A Decade’s Journey Into Dream Design

February 20, 2024

In the realm of high fashion, few moments feel as electric as the release of a new collection. For 3.PARADIS, the unveiling of their Spring/Summer 2024 collection, aptly titled "Journey Of Dreams," is more than just a seasonal milestone—it's a narrative of aspiration, clarity, and the power of dreams materialized into fabric.

The release, heralded by a cinematic experience directed by Holy Magury and immortalized through the lens of photographer Axel Jozeph, speaks to a decade of design evolution, purpose-driven creativity, and the pursuit of freedom in form.

"Journey Of Dreams": The SS24 Collection

This latest offering from 3.PARADIS is a tapestry of stories woven into each garment, narrating the brand's history and its vision for the future. Emeric Tchatchoua, the creative force behind the label, encapsulates this ethos in the poignant declaration, "Grateful to be alive, so we chose to fly."

The Window of Opportunity

The collection introduces itself with "The Window of Opportunity," a segment that captures the essence of endless possibilities. Models donned in garments that blend a green, blue, and black gradient palette, exemplified by suiting that pushes the boundaries of traditional boxy silhouettes, reflect the brand's penchant for reimagining workwear.

I Believe I Can Fly

Moving into confidence and assurance, "I Believe I Can Fly" elevates sportswear to a novel aesthetic. Leather varsity jackets seamlessly transition into denim bottoms, showcasing 3.PARADIS' innovative tailoring and design philosophy that merges the casual with the sublime.

Formal Ambition

The third segment showcases a formal flair, highlighting ambition and the relentless pursuit of dreams. The collection features pinstriped suits with exuberant modifications—exaggerated shoulders and waists cinched with rope—embodying a bold statement on the essence of aspiration.

Sky is the Limit

Concluding the narrative, "Sky is the Limit" represents the crescendo of achievement. It's where the collection spreads its wings with emerald green shimmering outerwear and pilot-inspired uniforms. This finale not only signifies triumph but also nods to the exciting collaboration with Rimowa, symbolizing a voyage towards new horizons.

Artistic Collaborations and Global Reach

The SS24 collection is a confluence of artistic partnerships, with the likes of J.M. Weston lending their shoemaking prowess to the footwear line, and artist Edgar Plans infusing his vibrant artistry into the fabrics. The synergy with Paris Saint-Germain Football Club and Jordan Brand epitomizes the brand's spirit of collaborative innovation.

Available now on the 3.PARADIS website and selected stockists globally, the SS24 collection stands as a testament to Emeric Tchatchoua's vision—a life designed with love, driven by freedom, and clear in purpose.

In Retrospect: A Decade of 3.PARADIS

Reflecting on the past ten years, 3.PARADIS has not only crafted garments but curated experiences that resonate with those who dare to dream. The brand's journey—much like its SS24 collection—is a vivid chronicle of passion, a dialogue between fashion and the dreams that fuel it. As Tchatchoua states, "Grateful to be alive so we chose to fly," 3.PARADIS continues to soar, inspiring a new chapter of dreamers to design the lives they love.