RAIN AW18, purchase now while supplies last: rain-mag.com/shop ‘Dusk Till Dawn’ is a graphic regression traced with lucid dreams and fluid […]


The Loewe Foundation presents its third exhibition of ‘Chance Encounters’ featuring the works of Richard Smith, Lionel Wendt, and Sara […]

Photographer and stylist Denis Gladkov & Yulia Metline capture the dark side of romanticism with new face Pavel Zaretsky of Tann Model […]


Photographer Valeriya Polivanova and stylist Francesco Costanzo present a whimsical editorial set against an eery Milanese backdrop. Fashion by Mila Schon, Lanvin, Gucci, […]


Photographer Marco Imperatore and stylist Simona Mattola capture an urban story in Milan for RAIN with Jordy Gerritsma and Mats Van […]


Photographer Matthieu Dortomb and stylist Jane Duval capture Paul, William, and Thomas at Elite Paris for RAIN online. Jacket by […]


Photographer Carmine Roman and stylist Simona Mottola capture Fabio Foggetti with 3MM Agency. Photo assistant, Antonio Avolio, assistant stylist Tonono Martin, […]


Set in a classic Parisian apartment, photographer Alexandre Ean and stylist Serdane Messamet capture Lucas Berny with Premium models with fashion by LE […]


Photographer duo Marta Marinotti and Gabriele Papi present an editorial focused on peculiar shapes and materials cast far from traditional. […]


“Yes, I was thinking: we live without a future. That’s what’s queer …” Virginia Woolf This was the starting point […]

Photographer Gerardo Vizmanos and stylist Mateusz Opacinski collaborate on a shapeshifting story set in Berlin. The story presents the extremes […]


SSION is back! (he never really left). After directing a slew of music videos for the likes of Robyn, Perfume […]


DUSK TILL DAWN Rain No.3 is coming… Direction: Timur Iskakov and Anna Marx Stylist: Serdane Messamet Models: Jacques Leguen and […]


Photographer Richard Licha and stylist Angela Vanderstraeten shoot Samuel Wilken exclusive for RAIN online. Hair & make-up, Javier Puga. Assistant, […]


Photographer Viridiana Morandini and stylist Juan Camilo Rodriguez capture Doigo Guerreiro at Uno models in Barcelona for RAIN online. Make-up & hair by Marta Ruiz. Fashion credits […]


Photographer Daniel Stigefelt and stylist Amanda Ljungkvist capture Sharif with Mikas models in an editorial exclusive for RAIN online.

Photographer Menelik Puryear and stylist Torian Lewin capture model and influencer, Ralph Souffrant in an exclusive editorial for RAIN online.

Photographer Kryzstof Wyzynski shoots and styles Camillo Majer @ 11:11 Management during a brilliant sunset.