Exclusive Interview: The Hyperreal World Of Artist Casey Baugh

April 27, 2021

casey baugh

Artist Casey Baugh has become a master of his craft. His hyperreal works which he calls narrative impressionistic realism recall the influential photorealism movement and leave audiences wondering how he is able to achieve such realistic images. Inspired by painters such as Bob Ross, Casey Baugh has taken his creative process, which he makes look as easy as tying your shoes, to the internet. Through his online master series Baugh is able to reach aspiring artists around the globe, sharing his technique and charismatic joy of painting.

His technique wasn't created overnight, though. Baugh has been painting since age thirteen before selling professionally when he was seventeen. Specializing in oil and charcoal, Baugh's studio feels like a creative process in itself – oils, frames, sketches, finished and unfinished paintings lay about illustrating how ideas form and proceed into finished works.

Watch the exclusive interview with Casey, below.

Videography by Zexi Qi
DP: Anton Melekh
Post Production: Snakk Studio