40 YEARS OF LOVE: Celebrating Four Decades of Moschino’s Fashion Genius

October 8, 2023

In 2024, Moschino marks its 40th anniversary with a grand celebration titled "*40 years of love." A tribute to the brand’s enduring appeal and influence in the world of fashion, the event provides a glimpse into the mind of Franco Moschino, the man whose avant-garde vision transformed the fashion landscape between 1983 and 1993.

For Franco, it was always about looking ahead and never dwelling in the past. Collaborations and Creative Expressions Four friends of the House, each an acclaimed stylist and visionary in her own right, were invited to offer their unique interpretation of Franco's iconic designs. Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele, Gabriella Karefa-Johnson, Lucia Liu, and Katie Grand – these dynamic women channel Franco’s spirit, intertwining their own generational and artistic backgrounds to evoke his inspiration.

Act One

Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele Cerf de Dudzeele’s tribute is a modern take on Franco's timeless pieces. Her interpretation breathes life into the classics with fresh, sophisticated, and casual touches. Through a creative lens, she explores the definition of a classic in today’s dynamic fashion environment.

Act Two

Gabriella Karefa-Johnson Gabriella revives the 90s spirit, reconstructing styles from that era with her unique contemporary twist. Coined as "NOWstalgia," she melds Franco’s legacy with her innovative touch, blending tradition and modernity.

Act Three

Lucia Liu Lucia delves deep into the romantic and feminine aspects of Franco’s creations, often overshadowed by his audacious designs. Layering and juxtaposition form the core of her conceptual approach, epitomized by Franco's "Protect Me from Fashion System" t-shirt.

Act Four

Katie Grand Grand delves into the essence, translating Franco’s vision for a new generation. She introduces "LOUD LUXURY," a reflection on the cacophony of the current age, where elegance meets noise. Further, the inclusion of elite dancers choreographed by Wayne McGregor adds a dramatic flair, capturing Franco’s love for conceptual fashion.

Act Five

"I AM WHATIAM" by Laura Marzadori To round off the tribute, Laura Marzadori, Teatro alla Scala’s concertmaster, will mesmerize with a violin performance of Franco's beloved masterpiece "I Am What I Am," reminiscent of the Moschino Fall-Winter 1986 show.

A Heartfelt Finale Supporting the Elton John AIDS Foundation, Moschino has released a limited edition 40th Anniversary t-shirt, echoing Franco's love for meaningful designs and his dedication to charity, particularly HIV/AIDS awareness. Available post-show, all proceeds from sales will aid the foundation's noble cause.

Paradoxes and Philosophies

Franco Moschino thrived on the paradoxes of fashion. He approached the world of design with humor and audacity, challenging conventions and upending norms. Always ahead of his time, Franco championed sustainability, environmental protection, and freedom of expression.

His philosophy was simple: fashion should be free, devoid of impositions, and ever-evolving. As Moschino celebrates 40 years, Franco’s ethos remains more relevant than ever. The world still reverberates with his teachings, reminding us all of the boundless possibilities when creativity meets purpose.