A Sketch of Summer in the Bally Spring/Summer 2024 Collection

September 24, 2023

“The place where our forehead touches the sky,” whisper the poetic words of Ise Gropius, encapsulating the soul of Bally’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection. Conceived by the distinguished Simone Bellotti, this collection was unveiled amidst the tranquil beauty of the Chiostro di San Simpliciano gardens in Milan.

Swiss Purity Meets Playful Aesthetics

In this collection, harmonious contradictions sing the song of Swiss identity, a melody weaved between the bustling streets of Zurich and the majestic alpine landscapes. Bally, with its heritage steeped in infusing pragmatic luxury with unparalleled craftsmanship since 1851, manifests a symphony of precision and organic grace, strictness and fluidity, and sober elegance with a touch of scholarly subversion.

A Sojourn to Monte Verità

Bellotti’s creations wander towards the essence of Monte Verità, a sanctuary for the free spirits and creative minds of the 20th century in Ascona, Switzerland. This enclave was a beacon of cultural richness, a hub for literature, dance, painting, and performances, representing a rejection of the burdens of urban existence and a pursuit of holistic symbiosis with nature. The liberating spirit of Monte Verità is harmoniously blended with the bespoke sounds of DJ Leo Mas, echoing the unrestricted freedom synonymous with Ibiza’s Summer of Love in 1987.

Harmony of Masculine and Feminine

Bellotti paints a canvas where masculine and feminine elements coalesce, portraying his vision of a brand that echoes the layered complexities of human nature. The collection, a dance of duality, sees colors like Swiss red, cobalt, and chartreuse contrasting against a palette of washed neutrals, reflecting urban sophistication and the delicate hues of alpine flora. The collection is a reimagined symphony of archetypes, silhouettes, and fabrics, blending explosive volumes, drapes, and graceful swings with innovative materials.

Redefining Classics

Bally, anchored in its illustrious 172-year legacy in shoemaking, breathes new life into archival models, enhancing them with contemporary elegance. Classic designs are reborn with modern modifications, revitalizing them with a contemporary zest.

Accessorizing with Swiss Tradition

Every accessory in this collection is a nod to Swiss custom, showcasing the dualistic play between structured briefcases and soft canvas messengers, polished calfskin juxtaposed with gold chain hardware, paying homage to traditional Swiss craftsmanship.

Global Elegance

The Spring/Summer 2024 collection transcends clothing; it narrates stories of Swiss purity, playful rebellion, and elegant dualism, echoing the innovative spirit of a brand at the pinnacle of luxury fashion, continuously reinventing its rich heritage with contemporary brilliance.

Simone Bellotti’s designs are a harmonious celebration of Bally’s Swiss heritage, meticulously balancing the realms of the structured and the fluid, the precise and the organic. It’s a transcendent journey from Milan’s formal gardens to the creative sanctuary of Monte Verità, unfolding a tapestry of elegant dualism and redefining classical elegance with modern sensibilities.

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