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A Spirited Ascent: Ottolinger’s SS24 Collection

A Spirited Ascent: Ottolinger’s SS24 Collection

In the midst of green mountains and the murmur of cow bells echoing like a trance-inducing beat from an acid-house radio station, the maiden, clad in ancient linen, continues her upward journey. A visage reminiscent of a ghost wrapped in its ethereal bindings, she embarks on a quest for ascension amidst elements of lace, fire, and brimstone, embodying freedom at the earth’s edge. This powerful imagery lays the foundation for Ottolinger’s SS24 Collection by designers Christa Bösch and Cosima Gadient.

An Explosive Collaboration

The Berlin-based design mavericks recently unveiled their latest offerings in collaboration with sportswear giant Puma, accentuated by a massive Ottolinger-branded monster truck placed strategically in the heart of Paris. The collection, revealed in an antiquated bank branch, portrayed a harmonious collision between artistic rebellion and sophisticated design. Models draped in Puma-emblazoned trompe l’oeil bodysuits, echoing spray-painted cyborgs, strolled amidst graffitied remnants of corporate sophistication.

A Symphony of Textures and Styles

Bösch and Gadient are renowned for their seamless amalgamation of avant-garde design and commercially appealing attire, a fact epitomized by their latest creations. The collection sweeps from AI-inspired reptilian flared jeans to wedding ensembles suitable for a futuristic heroine, proving that their creations are not just artistic expressions but also chic wearable pieces. After a four-year hiatus, Ottolinger has resurrected its distinctive touch, marking a harmonious balance between ’90s nostalgia, futuristic imagination, and modern gaming aesthetics.

Crafting a Subversive Elegance

This collection illustrates Ottolinger’s commitment to subversive, body-positive fashion, embellished with vibrant music and enriched by a distinct gaming aesthetic. Despite their distinctive nocturnal fashion ethos, Bösch and Gadient’s creations radiate refined elegance. Deconstructed suits, clinging tops, sensual pants, and gauzy dresses in soft hues graced the runway, providing an unconventional yet enchanting visual feast, offset by their signature denim pieces, symbolizing a revolutionary approach to conventional attire.

A Vision of Unconventional Bridal Elegance

The concluding bridal sequence was a resounding manifestation of their innovative spirit, presenting a collection that is both romantically embellished and refreshingly unconfined. These designs, a stark departure from conventional bridal wear, emanated a cool and subversive elegance. As Bösch clarified, the intention was to infuse weddings with an avant-garde edge, a goal met with splendid execution.

A Venue Mirroring the Aesthetic

Ottolinger’s SS24 collection is a spectacular portrayal of artistic freedom and sophisticated rebellion, creating a mesmerizing blend of past, present, and future. It’s a journey through varying textures, unconventional designs, and sophisticated elegance, making a striking statement in the contemporary fashion landscape, inviting fashion aficionados to embrace their distinctive vision of sartorial expression. Discover more at

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