A$AP Rocky Takes the Wheel as Creative Director for PUMA x F1 Partnership

October 23, 2023


Global sports brand, PUMA, takes a strategic turn in its partnership with Formula 1 (F1), naming music icon A$AP Rocky as the Creative Director.

Triple Threat: A$AP Rocky redefines urban chic across three dynamic scenes, showcasing the intersection of streetwear and luxury in the latest campaign.

An Intersection of Sport and Streetwear

Rooted in motorsport, A$AP Rocky's role will revolve around blending the thrill of the sport with the allure of streetwear. This multi-year creative venture will see the artist breathe fresh life into PUMA’s ongoing alliance with F1. Rocky's influence is expected to shape PUMA’s design narratives, pioneering unique product capsules.

PUMA’s recent exclusivity as a licensee and trackside retailer at F1 races serves as the backdrop to this exciting partnership. With a rich legacy in the sport, the brand is enthusiastic about delving into the world of fashion beyond the racetracks. Rocky, renowned for his fashion acumen and cultural influence, is poised to offer a refreshing touch to F1's expanding fanbase.

"In the Lab": An Incubator Approach

Rocky's imprint on PUMA will follow an "in the lab" strategy, signaling an innovative, phased exploration into the brand’s potential. This year, he will steer the brand's visual and video content, presenting a campaign centered around America’s car culture and its intrinsic ties to fashion and streetwear.

Limited-Edition Collections

PUMA aficionados have something special to look forward to, as Rocky unveils an exclusive PUMA x F1 collection later this year. This sneak peek will pave the way for a series of high-profile capsule collections in 2024, spotlighting prominent F1 races.

2024 will also witness Rocky's focused creativity on pivotal Grand Prix races, commencing in Miami. These unique collections, birthed from Rocky's collaboration with PUMA and F1 teams, will be accompanied by curated race activations. Moreover, Rocky will spearhead the marketing campaigns centered on these collections.

Full Throttle into 2025

A$AP Rocky's vision for 2025 is holistic, encompassing the entire spectrum of PUMA x F1 products, from racewear to fashion. The trinity of Rocky, PUMA, and F1 is committed to pushing boundaries, aiming to redefine the confluence of sportswear, fashion, and the adrenaline of racing.

Stellar Endorsements

A$AP Rocky expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “Working with brands as iconic as PUMA, and as innovative as F1, has been truly inspiring.” PUMA’s Chief Product Officer, Maria Valdes, echoed the sentiment, highlighting Rocky's dedication to the brand and his vision for the future. Oliver Boden, Head of Licensing and Gaming at F1, emphasized the synergy between Rocky's inventive spirit and F1's apparel vision.

With such power-packed collaboration, the world of motorsport fashion is set for a transformative journey.