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Acne Studios, Men’s SS19

Acne Studios, Men’s SS19

Acne Studios presents men’s spring/summer 2019 in Paris.

“I wanted to experiment with the definition of garments. What would happen if, when you described a pair of jeans, you were actually talking about a blouson? It was the beginning of a new set of archetypes, around which we built a wardrobe that plays with the idea of misinterpretation.” 

– Jonny Johansson, Creative Director of Acne Studios.

The collection is described as one of purposeful misinterpretations – a mistake as liberation. Jeans as blousons, field jackets and polo shirts are cut as city coats, textures reminiscent of loofahs and body scrub towels are reinterpreted as knitwear and sweaters. Coats walk with the fringe reminiscent of a curtain. This is a collection for the imagination and can have you seeing your wardrobe in a whole new light. Equally as surreal are the sculptures designed by artist Dawn Bendick in which translucent stones are formed from dichroic glass that play with color and light, inspiration and introspection for the collection itself.

Images courtesy of PR Consulting / Acne Studios.




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