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Acne Studios women’s fall winter 2022

Acne Studios women’s fall winter 2022

Acne Studios presents the women’s fall winter 2022 show as part of Paris Fashion Week. This season, patch working and the elevation of craft takes center stage. What’s finished versus what’s refined. “The physicality of clothes: cut up, restitched, aged. Grand couture gestures are inherent, in worn or distressed fabrics.

Fabrications include patchwork upcycled denim and leather; distressed jersey; cotton knit; silver hand-painted leather; silk crepe; upholstery jacquard; foam.  

Foam padding is left exposed at raw seams of quilted coats; sleeves of T-shirts attached by hook-and-eye; oversized tailoring with reduced details, often inside out; draped jersey dresses constructed from knots that reveal the skin; trench sleeves are open to the elbow and held by leather straps; floral organza embroidered with crystals for a baroque effect.  

Finally, slouchy denim patchwork totes; superflat ladylike top-handle bags; 3D oval-sided bags with silverware  clasps; silver leather mini Musubi bags.  


The show is accompanied by a live performance from pioneering electronic musician Suzanne Ciani. Widely  regarded as ‘America’s first female synth hero’, she has been quietly innovating in various fields of music  and sound design for nearly half a century and was one of the few women on the frontline of electronic  innovation in the 1970s. Ciani also featured in the 2020 documentary Sisters with Transistors. 

“I was thinking about this idea of emotional patchworking. When I was a kid, my journey into fashion started  when I started cutting things up and putting them back together. This collection is about creating from what  is around us, making something new from something familiar.

It is about stitching, mending, repairing. It  is not destructive or anarchic – it is about the act of putting things back together, and the beauty of repair. Experimenting with the materials at the heart of Acne Studios – denim, leather, jersey, knit – as well as  elevating materials we live with every day.”


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