AFEW Rahul Mishra’s Vision of Effortless Luxury

September 29, 2023

In Palais de Tokyo of Paris a unique alliance blossomed on September 27, 2023. RELIANCE BRANDS LIMITED and revered Indian designer Rahul Mishra unfurled their new sartorial vision—AFEW Rahul Mishra, a global luxury label radiating effortless elegance and vibrant luxury.

Elemental Elegance

Enveloped in Air, Fire, Earth, and Water, AFEW Rahul Mishra symbolizes the integral spirit of nature. Birthed in collaboration with London-based designer Michael Nash, the label endeavors to manifest Rahul Mishra's ideology of uncomplicated, accessible luxury into the modern woman's attire.

Blending Tradition and Modernity

The brand is a weave of Rahul Mishra’s illustrious Indian heritage and a cosmopolitan outlook. It imbibes Rahul's admiration for nature, landscape, art, and culture, portraying a contemporary fashion narrative. The collection is a vivid portrayal of the Himalayas, a visual and sophisticated nocturnal grace.

Sophisticated Collection

Curated by renowned stylist Jenke Tailly, the collection pairs women's apparel with distinguished jewelry, bags, and footwear. Each piece narrates a story; the jewelry is sterling silver and recycled brass, the bags represent the craftsmanship of Manipur with 'kauna grass' weaves, and the footwear resonates with motifs from the AFEW Rahul Mishra workshop.

With its Parisian inception, the brand has opened a dedicated showroom for global retailers, and its presence will soon be felt online and in flagship stores, with plans for exclusive stores in major fashion cities.

Harmonizing East and West

Darshan Mehta, MD of Reliance Brands Limited, accentuated the fusion of Eastern and Western design ethos in this venture. “AFEW exemplifies Rahul Mishra’s innovative, nature-inspired creations, aligning with his desire to intimately connect with his patrons,” stated Mehta. It’s poised to address a worldwide audience, craving daily elegance with a touch of couturier refinement, especially during Paris Fashion Week.

Rediscovering Prêt-à-Porter

AFEW symbolizes Rahul’s return to ready-to-wear, an arena that once encapsulated his designer identity. The collection is a picturesque canvas, initiating discussions about artistry, craftsmanship, and community, offering unique, timeless pieces with a touch of human delicacy.

Vision of Inclusivity

AFEW Rahul Mishra is more than a label; it’s a shared ethos with RBL, integrating inclusivity in each creation and promoting evolution among artisan communities in India. It mirrors modernity coupled with human warmth, making luxury more tangible and significant.

AFEW Rahul Mishra is the portal to a world where simplicity coexists with luxury, where heritage dances with innovation, and every thread has a tale to tell. It’s a celebration of the boundless potentials achieved when meticulous Indian craftsmanship melds with global design nuances, creating a harmonious resonance for the contemporary connoisseur. Explore more