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Ahluwalia x Mulberry ‘Parts of Me’ spring summer 2022

Ahluwalia x Mulberry ‘Parts of Me’ spring summer 2022

“Nobody can teach me who I am. You can describe parts of me, but who I am -and what I need -is something I have to find out myself.”―Chinua Achebe

In collaboration with Mulberry, Ahluwalia unveils their third short film, “Parts of Me,” below. Ahluwalia’s mixed Nigerian-Indian heritage influenced the collection citing protest and expression as two pillars for both cultures.

Prints, laser artwork details and embroidery details span the collection in various formsand a summery yet earthy colour palette of baby blue, beiges, and browns. 60s and 70’s Black liberation protest symbols of pride such as an afro comb and braided hair silhouettes are purpose-made into embroidery badges that adorn the pieces throughout the collection.

Have look below. Images courtesy of Ahluwalia.

Instagram: @ahluwalia

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