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Gucci spring summer 2020

Gucci spring summer 2020

Alessandro Michele has done it again. The spring/summer 2020 Gucci collection is a time traveling psychedelic journey full of whimsy, sleek, and freak. Traditional forms and structures are either elevated, stripped, or adorned. A sheer skirt revealing lace contrasts against a shrunken fuzzy top that is then stuffed into authoritative leather gloves creating a remarkable silhouette. You would’t think it works but somehow Michele figures a way to walk it with a deep relevance to culture and with irreverence to tradition.

There were also unmistakable overtones of sexual liberation including many sheer looks, accessories, and details. Some of our favorite looks seem to have crept in from the Gucci archives including this monogramed pattern as a full look.

The strength of this collection is the ease of which high and low, past and future, traditional and counter-culture are all mixed together. With something new to gawk at on every model somehow eighty-nine looks just flew by.

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