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Alexander McQueen Embraces the Lunar New Year with Dragon Elegance

Alexander McQueen Embraces the Lunar New Year with Dragon Elegance

Alexander McQueen Lunar New year

As the Lunar New Year unfurls its vibrant hues, Alexander McQueen warmly ushers in the auspicious Year of the Dragon. The storied fashion house unveils a bespoke collection that beautifully marries tradition with modern luxury, encapsulating the spirit of renewal and prosperity.

The Snapdragon’s Allure

At the heart of the collection lies the enchanting dragon flower print, inspired by the vivacious antirrhinum, or ‘snapdragon’. This motif blooms across the leather interiors of the Small Seal and Mini Seal bags, rendered in a striking fuchsia pink quilted leather—a nod to the blossoming potential of the new year.

A Palette of Fortune

Alexander McQueen transcends the ordinary, infusing accessories with symbolic significance. Wallets, card holders, pouches, and more are illuminated with the dragon flower print in a contrasting white on black leather, evoking the dynamic energy of the coming year.

Red: The Hue of Happiness

The collection’s showstoppers, the Small Peak and the Mini Jewelled Satchel, are reimagined in a resplendent red leather, invoking the color of good fortune. This bold choice reflects the label’s commitment to craftsmanship and auspicious undertones.

An Animated Ode to Heritage

Complementing the tangible elegance is an animated video campaign that weaves through the streets of Chengdu, Shanghai, and Beijing. A dance of snapdragon petals in the film mirrors the collection’s journey through tradition and innovation, painting a story of heritage that traverses cityscapes and timelines.

Alexander McQueen’s Lunar New Year 2024 collection is a tribute to the timeless narratives embedded in cultural festivities. It’s a blend of the House’s avant-garde essence with the revered symbols of Lunar New Year celebrations, curated to perfection for the discerning owner.

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