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Alexander McQueen fall winter 2023

Alexander McQueen fall winter 2023

Alexander McQueen Fall Winter 2023
Alexander McQueen Fall Winter 2023-24

Sarah Burton presents the Alexander McQueen fall winter 2023 collection in Paris. The show is titled ‘Anatomy.’


VIP guests include Eddie and Hannah Redmayne, Elle Fanning, Pom Klementieff, Indya Moore, Sadie Sink, Shygirl, Zhang Tian’ai, Ayaka Miyoshi, Jeremy O’Harris, Evan Mock, Tyreece, Gray Sorrenti, Tyler Mitchell, Maha Gondal, Mia Kong, Pierrah, Abby and Charlotte Roberts, Lena Mahfouf, Louis Powell, Sharon Alexie, Valerie Zhang, Young Emperors, Mr Bags, Amiaya (Ami and Aya).

Alexander McQueen fall winter 2023

Collection Notes

Human anatomy, the anatomy of clothing, the anatomy of flowers. An exploration of beauty and power through tailoring and tailoring fabrics and a focus on cut, proportion and silhouette. The foundations of fashion, cut on the body and inspired by the body within.

The classic subverted: turned inside out and upside down. Volume is neat – strict – or exploded. Garments are dissected: slashed, sliced and twisted. Shoulders are strong. Waists are narrow. Heeled trousers elongate the leg: the bumster in reverse.

The most prominent motif in the collection is the orchid, in its rarer forms cultivated but, after the daisy, the most common flower. It thrives in the air, resists being rooted and grows in the wild. Extraordinarily beautiful and infinitely adaptable, the orchid mimics both predator and prey. In the language of flowers, the orchid is a symbol of love.

Sarah Burton, Creative Director

VIP Arrivals

Front Row



Alexander McQueen Fall Winter 2023 Collection

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