Alexander McQueen men’s fall winter 2023

January 31, 2023

Sarah Burton presents the Alexander McQueen menswear fall winter 2023 collection lookbook.

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A return to formality. An exploration of beauty and power through men’s tailoring and a focus on cut, proportion, and silhouette. The classic subverted. Volume is alternatively neat – strict – and exploded. Jackets are spliced and slashed, stripped back, and focussed on the body within. Waists are high, elongating the leg: the bumster in reverse.

Kilts and the coverall are reimagined: both references to early McQueen. The most prominent motif in the collection is the orchid, a cultivated flower. Like the tailoring, it is dissected: printed, woven, and embroidered. The McQueen seal appears alongside.

Launches in-store August 2023.

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