Alexander McQueen ‘Mycelium’ fall winter 2022

March 16, 2022

Sarah Burton presents the Alexander McQueen fall winter 2022 collection shown in New York. Titled, 'Mycelium,' the show paid homage to McQueen's roots in New York, both literally and proverbially. McQueen showed the infamous Dante collection in the big apple in 1996 and Eye in the fall of 1999. As Burton explains, "this collection is inspired by that idea of community, and specifically by mycelium, by the reality of nature as a community that is far, far older than we are."

Very true. Although New York has changed dramatically since the late 90s, the vibrant life of the city its community continues to thrive in an ever evolving dialogue with its inhabitants.

Words from Sarah Burton

"The idea is humbling – beautiful - and, of course, a metaphor for interconnection and for community between people, between us all. We exist as single, individual entities on one level, but we are far more powerful connected to each other, to our families, to our friends, to our community. Given everything that has happened over the past two years, that seems more important than ever. As a community we are infinitely more able to restore, reinvent, rejuvenate – heal.”

Sarah Burton

A Forest

Accompanying the show was an incredible interpretation of the soundtrack of The Cure's "A Forest." The collection was as breathtaking as the show itself. Razor sharp leather dresses, the continuation of exploding ruffle dresses, graffiti prints, hyper-tailored biker jacket silhouettes, and asymmetrical tailoring made this one of the strongest McQueen shows to date.

Kaia Gerber

Kaia Gerber walked a one-shouldered dress with crystal, silver bead and bullion pearl oyster mushroom embroidery. It wouldn't quite be a show about mycelium without a psychedelic reference. Two dizzing and dazzling dresses in bright red, acid green, and yellow crystals stole the show. Patent leather McQueen Chelsea boots walked with thigh high boots. This follows the success of the the iconic Alexander McQueen sneakers (the Tread Slick).

Explore the full collection below, images courtesy of Alexander McQueen