Alexander McQueen’s Anatomy II: A Symbiosis of Art and Fashion for Spring/Summer 2024

September 30, 2023

Kaia Gerber opens the Alexander McQueen SS24 Show

Sarah Burton, the creative force behind Alexander McQueen, masterfully unveils the Anatomy II collection for Spring/Summer 2024, a concoction of art and symbolism revolving around female anatomy. This exquisite collection intertwines traces of Queen Elizabeth I and the intense allure of the blood-red rose, paying homage to the revolutionary and empowering design philosophy of the late Lee Alexander McQueen and celebrating the groundbreaking artist, Magdalena Abakanowicz.

Inspirations & Tribute

Burton’s collection is a delicate montage of inspirations and the elegance of femininity with royal echoes from Queen Elizabeth I. It’s a tribute, filled with Abakanowicz’s resilient artistic spirit and empowering designs, celebrating the enduring impact of Lee Alexander McQueen, bridging past and present.

Anatomy II

Anatomy II showcases an intricate exploration of materials and forms. Here, sophisticated dresses meet precise cuts, and lavish textures in a palette of black, gold, blood red, and ivory come to life. From seamless slip dresses with striking rose prints by photographer David Sims to detailed boning in tailored jackets, informing empowerment and revolutionary design.

Symbolism & Aesthetic

Burton’s creations break the molds of traditional fashion, symbolizing a journey of transformation and vulnerability. The open-heart corsets and slashed bodices represent a dialogue between openness and resilience, while the embroideries and textures narrate tales of femininity and empowerment, adding nuance to each look.

Accessories & Embellishments

The accessories in this collection feature designs like the new armadillo boots and harness sandals, each detailed with metal hearts and pearl embroidery. The jewelry—accentuated with crystals, pearls, and metallic stones—speaks volumes about the collection's overarching theme, complementing each look.

Elegant Carriers

The collection introduces us to unique bag designs like The Peak, The Cove, and The Rise. Each bag is a melody of color and metal, reflecting the aesthetic spirit and themes of the Anatomy II collection.


Alexander McQueen extends heartfelt gratitude to Mary Jane Jacob, the Abakanowicz Arts and Culture Charitable Foundation, and museums that have graciously loaned Magdalena Abakanowicz's artworks, enabling the fruition of this avant-garde collection.

Anatomy II is a collection that blends history, innovation, empowerment, and avant-garde design. It celebrates transgressive creativity and sartorial wonder. Sarah Burton’s inspirations and deep reverence for Lee Alexander McQueen are brought forth in a feminine portrayal of strength, delicacy, and revolutionary elegance. Discover more at