Alexander McQueen’s AW23 Women’s Campaign Explores Beauty & Power with Elle Fanning, Naomi, and more

August 24, 2023

Alexander McQueen takes a bold step forward with the Autumn/Winter 2023 collection campaign, captured through the lens of David Sims. This captivating campaign features a vibrant cast of personalities, including Naomi Campbell, Elle Fanning, Liu Wen, Eva Green, Yseult, Eliott De Smedt Day, Karolina Spakowski, and Momo Ndiaye. Together, they bring to life an exploration of human anatomy, sartorial craftsmanship, and the intricate world of flora.

Where Fashion and Form Collide

In this latest collection, the exploration extends to the intricacies of the human form, the interplay between garment construction and anatomy, and the realm of flowers. This collection serves as a dedication to the mastery of cut, proportion, and silhouette, forging a connection between the fundamental principles of fashion and the canvas of the body.

A Journey of Transformation

The classic is ingeniously subverted, revealing a world turned inside out and upside down. Volume oscillates between the precise and the extravagant. Garments are more than mere fabric; they are dissected, slashed, sliced, and twisted to reimagine possibilities. The shoulders command attention, exuding strength, while the waists take on a slender elegance.

An Orchid's Embrace: The Botanical Motif

At the heart of the collection beats the orchid, a motif that captures the essence of nature's beauty and duality. In its rarer forms, the orchid is cultivated, much like artistry and craftsmanship, while also being among the most common flowers. An embodiment of resilience, the orchid thrives in the air, resisting the confines of being rooted. It grows wild, embodying adaptability and strength. Symbolizing both predator and prey, the orchid's elegance is unparalleled, much like the creations it adorns.

With a cast of personalities and a narrative that explores the depths of anatomy, tailoring, and symbolism, the Alexander McQueen Autumn/Winter 2023 campaign offers a glimpse into the heart of the innovative spirit that drives Alexander McQueen's legacy forward. To learn more visit