Alice Vaillant’s BEAUBOURG SS24 Collection: A Profound Play of Elegant Opposites

September 28, 2023

Alice Vaillant’s SS24 collection, "BEAUBOURG," showcased at the revered Centre national d’art et de culture Georges-Pompidou, heralds a novel exploration into the realms of contemporary femininity and movement. Named after the exhibition’s location and influenced by the illustrious works of Renzo Piano, Richard Rogers, and Gianfranco Franchini, this collection signifies a journey into uncharted territories of design, presenting a sophisticated interplay of contrasts—between masculine and feminine, motion and constraint, poetic and rigorous, and structure and fluidity.

Masterful Dichotomy

From the inaugural look, the collection introduces us to its thematic essence: black leather masterfully intertwines with decorative raffia lace adorned with Swarovski crystals, representing a poetic dichotomy between strength and delicacy. A meticulous leather skirt contrasts impeccably with unrestrained, fluttering taffetas ribbons, while bomber outerwear boldly merges with plush fake-fur, symbolizing a harmonious confluence of seemingly opposing elements.

Sophisticated Monochrome Palette

The BEAUBOURG collection, predominantly in a sophisticated black and white palette, distinguishes itself as the brand’s most “serious” compilation to date. It underlines attention to fit, finish, and cut, portraying geometric and architectural silhouettes against the backdrop of pliable and fluid materials, elevating Vaillant’s signature aesthetic to new dimensions of elegance.

Over 80% of the collection’s fabrics are endowed with Oeko-Tex certification, underscoring the brand’s commitment to sustainability. The faux-fur elements are crafted from recycled plastic bottles, and the lace predominantly sourced from pre-consumer Calais deadstock, manifesting an eco-conscious ethos within luxury fashion.

Elegant and Ethereal Silhouettes

Vaillant's SS24 suits blend loose and structured elements, illustrating subtle masculine undertones within refined feminine silhouettes. The collection traverses beyond deconstruction, emphasizing the central role of materiality in both aesthetic and composition. It features visible seams and integral linings, highlighting the meticulous construction of each garment, portraying an asymmetric and deconstructed elegance.

Marking Vaillant’s foray into footwear, SS24 debuts an elegant mule, accentuated with a front belt-play, which reappears as a standalone giant-sized belt and leather tote bag ornamentation. The collaboration with Swarovski brings a radiant sparkle to the collection, culminating in a marvelously structured dress.

A Journey into Poetic Discipline

BEAUBOURG provokes contemplation—Is poetry a product of discipline, or is it the converse? This collection is a lyrical symphony of contrasting elements, each piece a harmonic conversation between diverging forces, offering a sophisticated narrative on contemporary femininity and artistic expression.

Alice Vaillant, recipient of the Prix de la Ville de Paris 2023 and finalist of the Prix Pierre Bergé de l’Andam 2023, presents BEAUBOURG as her visionary exploration in the world of fashion, establishing a mark in innovative design. Discover more at