AMI Spring Summer 2025: Emma Roberts and K-pop Star Jihyo Lead Star-Studded Front Row

June 23, 2024

As the golden hour descends upon Saint-Germain-des-Prés, AMI unveils its Spring-Summer 2025 collection in a disused Haussmann-style building. Alexandre Mattiussi, the visionary behind the brand, has once again captured the ineffable essence of Parisian style, this time bottling the languorous charm of a summer evening in the City of Light.

Jihyo and Joe Locke attend the AMI Spring Summer 2025 fashion show in Paris.

A Star-Studded Front Row

French cinema royalty was well represented, with the enigmatic Leila Bekhti cutting a striking figure in a tailored suit. Adding to the global flair, South Korean actor Wooshik Choi brought his signature understated elegance, while Chinese actress Chen Jin dazzled in a shimmering gown. The eclectic mix continued with singer-songwriter Mika, actress Selma Blair, and the ever-stylish Lou Doillon, each embodying a unique interpretation of AMI's versatile aesthetic. This diverse and star-studded turnout not only highlighted AMI's international appeal but also solidified its status as a brand that resonates with tastemakers across generations and industries.

Emma Roberts attends the AMI Spring Summer 2025 fashion show in Paris.
Selma Blair attends the AMI Spring Summer 2025 fashion show in Paris.
Tony Yu and Chen Jin attend the AMI Spring Summer 2025 fashion show in Paris.

A Masterclass in Contrast and Refinement

The collection is a testament to AMI's evolving aesthetic – a delicate balance of architectural precision and carefree nonchalance. Mattiussi's genius lies in his ability to juxtapose impeccably tailored pieces with relaxed, everyday staples. Picture a meticulously constructed trench coat paired with effortlessly chic baggy jeans, or a crisp bermuda short complementing a lightweight tank top. It's this interplay between structure and fluidity that defines the AMI Spring-Summer 2025 look.

A Palette Inspired by Parisian Sunsets

The color story is nothing short of poetic. Mattiussi has curated a palette that reads like a love letter to Paris at dusk. Muted yet evocative hues of lichen, curry, and havana are interspersed with pops of lipstick red and aubergine. These deliberately desaturated tones lend an air of understated sophistication to the collection, perfectly encapsulating the brand's refined aesthetic.

Textures That Tell a Story

Fabric choices are paramount in this collection, with each material selected for its ability to drape, move, and breathe in the summer heat. Lightweight wools and cottons provide structure where needed, while poplin shirts with exaggerated musketeer cuffs add a touch of drama. The inclusion of colored denim injects a playful element, proving that AMI can effortlessly straddle the line between classic and contemporary.

Accessories: The Devil is in the Details

No Parisian ensemble is complete without the perfect accessories, and AMI delivers in spades. The introduction of logo-free, soft tote bags in sophisticated hues is a nod to understated luxury. But it's the 'Le Carrousel' bag, with its striking proportions and wide shoulder straps, that steals the show. Footwear is equally considerate of form and function, with babouche-inspired flats and elegant wedge heels completing the look.

The Future of French Fashion

As the models made their final walk, one thing became crystal clear: AMI's Spring-Summer 2025 collection is more than just clothes – it's a lifestyle. Alexandre Mattiussi has once again proven why he's at the forefront of French fashion, creating pieces that are at once timeless and thoroughly modern.

In a world where fashion often veers towards the extreme, AMI offers a refreshing alternative – clothes that are eminently wearable yet unquestionably chic. As we look towards the warmer months of 2025, one thing is certain: AMI will be dressing the world's most stylish individuals, from the cafés of Saint-Germain to the beaches of Saint-Tropez and beyond.

The AMI Spring-Summer 2025 show was a magnet for the fashion world's elite, drawing an impressive array of international celebrities to its front row. Among the notable attendees were Hollywood darling Emma Roberts, exuding effortless chic in a bold checkered ensemble, and Joe Locke, the rising star of "Heartstopper," who appeared alongside K-pop sensation Jihyo.