AMIRI Announces South Korean Superstar Sunwoo of THE BOYZ as New Brand Ambassador

June 12, 2024

Luxury brand AMIRI has announced South Korean musician and songwriter Sunwoo as its new brand ambassador. This partnership marks a significant milestone for both the brand and the artist, as they join forces to create a powerful fusion of music and style.

The Rise of a Pop Sensation

Sunwoo, the main rapper of the internationally acclaimed South Korean group THE BOYZ, has quickly become a global phenomenon since his debut in 2017. His innovative musical style and captivating stage presence have earned him a devoted fanbase that spans the globe, cementing his status as a new pop superstar.

A Connection Forged in Fashion

The collaboration between AMIRI and Sunwoo is rooted in authenticity and mutual understanding. Mike Amiri, the visionary behind the brand, first met Sunwoo at the Autumn-Winter 2024 AMIRI show in Paris - a momentous occasion that marked Sunwoo's first-ever runway show. The two connected again in Seoul later that year, forming a bond through their shared love of music and appreciation for style.

A Global Vision

The ambassadorship signifies the evolution of AMIRI's unmistakable spirit. From its humble beginnings with a flagship store on Rodeo Drive in 2020, the brand has expanded to become a truly global luxury powerhouse, with stand-alone stores in key Asian cities such as Shanghai, Nanjing, and Tokyo.

Bridging Cultures Through Fashion

In the words of Mike Amiri, "For me, AMIRI is about a chosen family - and I am so happy to welcome Sunwoo to become part of our community, our family. When we connected in Seoul, we felt like brothers. My roots are in music, and that is something that always inspires me: a language that transcends boundaries and speaks universally. To be able to creatively connect L.A. with Seoul - to reach across the world - feels like the future."

With their shared passion for music, fashion, and self-expression, AMIRI and Sunwoo are poised to redefine the landscape of luxury fashion, one groundbreaking collaboration at a time.