AMIRI FW24: A Cinematic Tribute to Timeless Hollywood Glamour

January 24, 2024

Discover the latest sartorial narrative by AMIRI, where each piece is a scene-stealing act from the vibrant heart of modern Los Angeles. The Fall/Winter 2024 collection is a star-studded affair, inviting you to a premiere where fashion meets the silver screen.

Reimagined Elegance

Immerse yourself in a collection that captures the essence of Hollywood's golden era, infused with the audacious spirit of the '90s. AMIRI's vision translates into a parade of reimagined classic silhouettes, each a bold statement of refined rebellion.

The Revolution of Silhouettes

From the Red Carpet to Relaxed Loungewear

Witness a dramatic shift in menswear with AMIRI's latest ensembles. The collection transforms the traditional American tuxedo into effortlessly chic outfits, softening the structure and introducing a flow that speaks to both comfort and charisma.

The Artistry of Color and Fabric

Step into a palette as diverse and dramatic as Hollywood itself, with colors and materials that tell a captivating story. Luxurious fabrics like washed leather and silk blend with an array of colors to create a visual masterpiece that's wearable art.

The Iconography of AMIRI

The collection premieres the MA Quad pattern, becoming the brand's new monogram and threading a narrative of heritage and modernity. Delicate hand-embroidery and cityscape imageries pay homage to the brand's LA roots and the city's iconic stature.

Americana Reimagined

AMIRI redefines Americana with a subtle interplay of logos and leopard prints. Unbuttoned silk shirts and sparkling accessories add a layer of the brand's signature daring and carefree luxury.

The Footwear Finale

The narrative culminates in the introduction of footwear that's as ground-breaking as it is grounded in history. Sunset Skate sneakers and Stacked Loafers feature prominently, merging classic styles with extravagant new twists.

AMIRI's FW24 collection is more than a fashion statement—it's a tribute to the enduring allure of Hollywood, a script written in fabric and thread that tells a tale of glamour, evolution, and an evergreen appeal. Join the journey through AMIRI's lens, where every outfit is a ticket to a show that never ends.