AMI’s Fall-Winter 24 Show: Jiyoh and Wooshik Choi Bring Star Power to Parisian Elegance

January 22, 2024

On January 18th, at the historic Tennis Club de Paris, AMI's Fall-Winter 24 collection marked a significant chapter in the journey of Alexandre Mattiussi, its founder and creative director. Celebrating key milestones - 43 years of life, 25 years in fashion design, and 13 years of AMI - this collection mirrored his personal and professional evolution and the timeless allure of Paris.

Concept and Set: A Nod to Parisian Heritage and Contemporary Sensibilities

In the iconic Tennis Club de Paris, a venue resonant with the charm of the 1930s, AMI transformed the space into a scene capturing the transition from night to day in Paris. The dramatic unveiling of a Haussmann-style façade not only symbolized the city awakening but also aligned with the current trend of integrating historical elements with modern design in fashion shows. This blend of classic and contemporary reflects a broader trend in fashion where brands are revisiting heritage while infusing modernity, a concept well-embodied in AMI's collection.

AMI's Friends: Celebrating Fashion and Celebrity Culture

The attendance of celebrities and industry insiders notably underscored the intersection of fashion with celebrity culture, a trend increasingly prevalent in high-profile fashion events. Among the luminaries gracing the event were Wooshik Choi, known for his impactful presence in both the acting and fashion realms; Fran Drescher, whose unique style has long captivated fashion enthusiasts; and Juliette Binoche, an icon who seamlessly blends cinematic and fashion elegance.

Narah and Vincent Cassel

These celebrities, alongside others like Narah, Vincent Cassel, Zhang Xincheng, Gavin Casalegno, and Jiyoh, not only added star power to the event but also embodied the spirit of AMI's collection. Their presence was a testament to the brand's broad appeal and its resonance within the cultural zeitgeist. This combination of fashion and celebrity culture, where shows double as glamorous social events, has become integral in enhancing brand visibility and appeal, bringing together diverse audiences and adding a layer of excitement and allure to the fashion experience.

Zhang Xincheng and Gavin Casalegno
Wooshik Choi and Juliette Binoche

The Collection: A Contemporary Interpretation of Timeless Elegance

AMI's collection showcased a sophisticated style, with a color palette of nocturnal hues and softer tones like cream and lilac. This blend of dark and light colors aligns with the current trend of mixing bold and subtle elements in fashion, offering versatility and broad appeal.

The focus on neutral tones, simplicity, and craftsmanship reflects the 'quiet luxury' trend - an emphasis on understated elegance and timeless designs over fleeting fashion fads. The clean cuts and minimal motifs highlight the brand's commitment to enduring style, resonating with current preferences for sustainable and long-lasting fashion.

The Collection: AMI's Mastery of Tailored Modernity

AMI's Fall-Winter 24 collection, revealed in the architectural splendor of Paris, presents a dialogue between form, function, and fashion. Two standout looks from the runway capture the essence of this dialogue:

    • Elegant Neutrals in Movement: A first look captures a poised elegance with a model showcasing a fluid grey tank top paired effortlessly with sleek trousers. Clutched in his hand is a leather bag, symbolizing the practical elegance that AMI infuses into everyday luxury. The ensemble’s understated palette allows the refined tailoring and relaxed silhouette to take center stage, reflecting the collection's dedication to versatility and movement.
    • Sartorial Statement with a Playful Edge: Another look portrays a model draped in a structured, navy double-breasted suit, where the masculine cut meets the feminine form. Underneath, a patterned fabric peeks out, adding a playful contrast to the seriousness of the suit. It’s a sophisticated interplay of patterns and tailoring that challenges and redefines gender norms in fashion.

These looks juxtapose the collection’s broader theme of blending day and night—where the relaxed ease of daytime attire meets the structured, powerful lines typically reserved for evening wear. AMI’s collection reimagines the modern wardrobe with a narrative that fluidly transitions between the realms of formality and comfort, encapsulating the dynamic spirit of contemporary Paris.

Bags and Accessories: Redefining Classics with Innovation

The introduction of new designs in AMI's bag line and the unisex range of vegetal leather goods align with the current trend of sustainability and gender-neutral fashion. The season's accessories, including strass necklaces and chunky gold buttons, and the signature striped heel, reflect a blend of classic luxury with contemporary aesthetics. The range of lifestyle items also speaks to the growing trend of fashion brands expanding into lifestyle products, catering to a holistic brand experience.

Overall, AMI's Fall-Winter 24 collection stands not only as a celebration of Alexandre Mattiussi's personal journey and Parisian chic but also as a reflection of current trends in the fashion industry. It merges historical elegance with modern sensibilities, diversity with inclusivity, and sustainability with innovation, capturing the essence of contemporary fashion while staying true to its timeless appeal.

[Image courtesy of AMI and Stephane Feugere Photography]