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Ann Demeulemeester: Fall/Winter 2018

Ann Demeulemeester: Fall/Winter 2018

Ann Demeulemeester presents a stunning Fall/Winter 2018 collection in Paris. Sombre and elegant, Ann Demeulemeester displays effortless and nearly tactile layering throughout the collection. The deconstruction of jackets, shirts, trousers, and coats are masterfully reworked and reconstructed, at times with luxurious shearling pieces. Layers upon layers all hang together by delicate beads, belts, and ropes – sometimes helmed around the waist, at other times across the shoulder. This is a collection of reimagined aristocratic attire at leisure. Heraldic crests appear on coats and the deconstructed raw skins and furs recall a modern take on a different era. One thing is for certain, Ann Demeulemeester reminds us how carefree and inspiring sophistication can be.

Images courtesy of Ann Demeulemeester / Michele Montagne


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