Art Meets Fashion: LOEWE’s Men’s Spring Summer 2024 Collection Embraces the Visionary Influence of Lynda Benglis

June 26, 2023


Dwarfed by Lynda Benglis' monumental water-spouting fountains, attendees to the LOEWE Men's Spring Summer 2024 show are immersed in a world where perspectives define perceptions and scales. From a wide angle and bottom-up viewpoint, the catwalk takes on an awe-inspiring grandeur, enticing onlookers to explore the captivating silhouettes that await.

LOEWE Men's SS24, Backstage

Elongation and Gesture

Transforming the Straightforward LOEWE's collection defies simplicity as elongation and dynamic gestures elevate the straightforward into something extraordinary. Blazers, coats, banker shirts, knitted polos, twin sets, argyle knits, jeans, and chinos form the ensemble's foundation. Yet, beneath their apparent plainness lies a remarkable twist. Crystals swarm across surfaces, filtering light, while meticulously drawn stripes and pinstripes demand attention. Gestural cuts transform the body into a living construction, and innovative fabrications turn subtle into bold.

LOEWE Men's SS24, Look 44

Unexpected Acts: Redefining Accessories and Tops

LOEWE embraces the power of unexpected acts, blurring the lines between accessories and clothing. Tops resemble giant swatches of fabric adorned with pins that challenge traditional definitions. Crystal hummingbirds grace shredded brocade tops, and crystal-embellished sunglasses shine bright. Each piece defies expectations, adding an element of surprise to the collection.

LOEWE Men's SS24, Backstage

The Palette of Proportions: Soft Pastels and Solid Blues

LOEWE presents a cerebral palette that explores the study of proportions. Soft pastels mingle with solid blues, black, and khakis, creating a harmonious blend of colors that enhance the sophisticated refinement of the collection. This carefully curated palette further highlights the interplay between the body and its adorned proportions.

LOEWE SS24, Look 32
LOEWE Men's SS24, Look 32

Enhancing the Study: Footwear and Oversized Bags

LOEWE completes the study on proportions with carefully selected footwear and oversized bags. Round-toe Chelsea boots, sandals, ballet shoes, and oversized bags like the suede Pebble bucket and Puzzle Fold totes add an extra layer of dimension to the ensembles. These accessories are the final touch, perfectly complementing the collection's proportions and visual harmony exploration.

LOEWE Men's SS24


Amidst the enchanting atmosphere of the LOEWE Spring Summer 2024 show, notable figures from the worlds of music, art, and entertainment were in attendance, adding an extra layer of excitement and star power. Among the guests were renowned artists and musicians such as Troye Sivan, Omar Apollo, Gray Sorrenti, and Dev Hynes.

Additionally, luminaries such as Ning Zetao, Jeremy Pope, Tang Xiaotian, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Guitarricadelafuente, Martiño Rivas, Manu Ríos, Aron Piper, Filippo Scotti, Jeanne Cadieu, Tyler Mitchell, Omar Rudberg, Kit Connor, Coret Mylchreest, Pharrell Williams, Rocket Williams, Helen Williams, Rauw Alejandro, Stéphane Bak, Theo James, and Mike White. Their presence added a touch of glamour and sophistication, creating an atmosphere where art, fashion, and celebrity converged harmoniously.

Jonathan Anderson, LOEWE SS24, Finale
Jonathan Anderson, LOEWE Men's SS24, Finale

Lynda Benglis' Artistic Influence: A Note on the Artworks

The setting of the show showcases the ethereal work of artist Lynda Benglis. Benglis, known for her innovation in form and materiality, has redefined the boundaries of sculpture throughout her illustrious career. Her fountains, including Crescendo, monumental towers like Bounty, Amber Waves, Fruited Plane, and Knight Mer, evoke a visceral response, challenging conventional expectations and inviting viewers to explore the limitless possibilities of art.

With the captivating presence of Lynda Benglis' fountains, LOEWE's collection presents a transformative study on perception and proportions. LOEWE redefines the boundaries of fashion by exploring elongation, unexpected acts, and a carefully curated palette. As attendees immerse themselves in this multisensory experience, they are invited to embrace new perspectives, challenge conventional scales, and rediscover the power of fashion to redefine the way we see and experience the world.