ATTACHMENT/VEIN fall winter 2023

March 19, 2023

Two brands, ATTACHMENT and VEIN, combine together to transfer the brand's philosophy from the past to the present and the future. The brands share "an optimistic attitude to continue to be oneself." This perspective created the feeling it was essential ATTACHMENT and VEIN share the runway at Tokyo Fashion Week.

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Through my previous experience of a joint runway, I thought there was no significant difference in the image of a person found from a single point of view. I am always attracted to a sense of presence with unique energy hidden inside, as well as the way it subtly exudes intelligence and inner elegance. But viewed from any perspective, fixed divisions, like the dichotomy of left and right, do not exist. I am all these things, a manifestation of a neutral disposition that dislikes stagnation and rigidity.

It's vital that just one outfit can start a good conversation. The designs are like symbols that don't need an explanation. They're' something about them that makes them appealing and amusing, and you just can't ignore them. The ability to make a witty statement and create lightness is also an essential aspect of VEIN designs.

ATTACHMENT/VEIN Fall Winter 2023-24 Collection