Auralee unveils the ultimate quiet luxury collection for Spring Summer 2024

June 24, 2023


AURALEE, renowned for its premium high-quality fabrications, embraces the distinctive quirks and peculiarities that define our individuality in the Spring & Summer 2024 Men's & Women's Collection. This season, the brand explores the expressive ways of being ourselves, highlighting the subtle details that set us apart.

Luxurious & Original Fabrics

The collection features a remarkable range of luxurious and original fabrics. From textured dry cottons to delicate organza, summer weight wool mohair to mélange-colored wool poplin, home spun mesh tweed to nylon taffeta, each material exudes a sense of uniqueness. Some surfaces are intentionally wrinkled, as if freshly tumbled in a dryer, while others boast a smooth finish or a translucent sheen, adding a touch of deceptive imperfection to every garment.

Coats with silk linings, finely tailored trench coats, and reversible slacks in crisp wool mohair are worn inside-out, offering a personal interpretation and an attitude of self-expression. The outerwear stands out with elevated tropical wool faces juxtaposed with a voluminous spongy effect, creating an unconventional yet elegantly functional look.

The knitwear in the collection is soft, transparent, and airy, allowing for versatile styling. Layered high-gauge variations are paired with shorts, high socks, and leather shoes, adding a touch of quirkiness to the ensemble. Slim knitted dresses in wool-silk blend harmoniously with nostalgic sheer ringer tees and half-worn camisoles, providing endless layering possibilities for an imaginative look.

A Poetic Palette

Gentle variations in tone delicately tint the fabric surfaces, resulting in a poetic palette of delicate whites, beige, pale greens, and pale blues. Stronger hues such as reds, turquoise, and greens bring a vibrant chromatic vitality, while black accentuates the intensity of these colors and enhances the brightness of whites.

Completing the ensembles are lightweight yet structurally sound mesh bags and cycling-inspired saddlebags, effortlessly accommodating unworn layers and infusing an air of openness to the overall aesthetic.

With its offbeat yet laid-back demeanor, AURALEE's Spring & Summer 2024 collection effortlessly captures a nonchalant yet stylish essence, embracing a cool, free-spirited attitude that revolves around the wearer. Celebrate your individuality with AURALEE's captivating designs this season.