Bally Fall/Winter 2024 – Embarking on ‘Der Wanderer,’ an Alpine Folklore Adventure

February 28, 2024

A close-up of a model in a Bally Fall/Winter 2024 fashion show, wearing a navy coat over a light blue shirt, accessorized with large round sunglasses.

At the prestigious Palazzo Serbelloni, against a backdrop steeped in history, Bally introduced "Der Wanderer," its Fall/Winter 2024 line. A bold foray into the alpine heart of Swiss folklore, the collection embodies Creative Director Simone Bellotti's vision—a captivating interplay between the enduring calm of Swiss heritage and the untamed essence of nature.

A Journey from Swiss Peaks to Zurich Streets

Bellotti's vision for Bally this season unfolds as a polyphonic symphony, blending textures and silhouettes inspired by both Switzerland's rural and urban landscapes. The collection unfolds as a crescendo, starting in the raw wilderness and seamlessly transitioning to the rational urbanity, merging the primal with the polished.

The Spirit of Silvesterchlausen

The collection pays homage to traditional pagan New Year's Eve costumes, Silvesterchlausen, intricately crafted from natural materials such as ivy, moss, and twigs. These elements are reimagined in the tactile richness of the garments, featuring shearling, waxy leathers, and alpine jacquard knits, juxtaposed with smooth wool and draped satin. Each piece holds a story, a whisper from the past translated into the language of modern luxury.

The Textural Tale

Textures within this collection stand out as distinct characters in their own right, each telling a unique part of the story. They narrate a story of Swiss landscapes, with natural palettes rippling through each design. Jackets and coats with deep pockets and high buttons exude a protective charm against the elements, while the curved hems and wild sleeves add a touch of the untamed.

Heritage Refashioned

In this collection, Bally’s footwear celebrates the brand's 170-year history of artisanal excellence, innovating with a contemporary flair. The classic ‘Plume’ deck shoe evolves into elegant thigh-high cuissards, and the ‘Glendale’ Mary-Janes are reimagined with audacious studs, each pair forming a foundation that balances fanciful folklore inspirations with the brand's renowned craftsmanship.

Accessories as Narratives

Bellotti crafts not merely accessories; he weaves compelling narratives. The buckled satchels, briefcases, and carry-alls are more than function—they are a fashion statement, an extension of the wearer's journey, crafted in monochrome calfskin and adorned with gilt or silvered hardware.

The Sound of Bally

The collection's launch offered an immersive experience, transcending visuals through a soundscape crafted by DJ Leo Mas that resonated with the mystique of Swiss folklore and the nostalgia of the ‘Summer of Love.’ The music served as a conduit, artfully linking the collection's historical inspirations to the contemporary moment.

A Zine for the Times

In an innovative collaboration, Bally partnered with Swiss artist book publisher Nieves on a collectible zine, featuring the works of Swiss artist Beni Bischof. It's a cultural artifact that captures the essence of the collection, blending Bally's heritage with Bischof's playful prose and evocative imagery.

Conclusion: A Tapestry of Tradition and Modernity

Bally's "Der Wanderer" collection, under the expert direction of Simone Bellotti, masterfully integrates Swiss heritage, pastoral mysticism, and contemporary fashion's pulse into an alpine odyssey that stands at the intersection of tradition and innovation.

This collection seamlessly blends time-honored Swiss motifs with imaginative flair, crafting pieces that are both timeless and timely. It echoes Bally's ongoing dialogue with its cultural roots and bold vision for the future. With a focus on the details, where fashion, accessories, and music intertwine, Bally showcases its storytelling prowess, weaving a compelling saga that celebrates elegance and heritage with each piece.