Bally’s Fall/Winter 2023 Campaign Redefines Swiss Elegance

September 6, 2023

Bally unveils its Fall/Winter 2023 Campaign under the new Design Director, Simone Bellotti. This campaign, shot by the renowned photographer Alasdair McLellan, heralds a compelling return to Bally's roots of Swiss luxury.

Scenic Splendor: Villa Heleneum as the Backdrop

Set against the breathtaking backdrop of Villa Heleneum, the Bally Foundation's sanctuary for art and culture on the serene Lake Lugano in Switzerland, this campaign elegantly encapsulates the brand's heritage. The picturesque location serves as the perfect canvas for a visual journey back to Bally's origins.

Youthful Elegance: Portraits That Speak

The campaign features a series of intimate portraits capturing the innocence and purity of youth. Alasdair McLellan skillfully lenses a cast of new faces, alongside Bally's Global Brand Ambassador, Roy Wang, in a celebration of authenticity and natural beauty.

The Fall/Winter 2023 collection presented in this campaign boasts classic lines, motifs, and heritage details from Bally's archives. The palette captures nostalgia and warmth, with luxurious textures like woolen knits, shearling, denim, and leather, lending the collection its timeless sophistication.

Accessory Excellence: Complementing the Collection

Bally's Fall/Winter 2023 collection is complemented by a range of refined accessories in both classic and new silhouettes. Signature pieces, such as the meticulously handcrafted Scribe dress shoes, pay homage to the brand's heritage of luxury and artisanal craftsmanship.

Explore the creative minds behind this captivating campaign, from Design Director Simone Bellotti and Art Director Christopher Simmonds to the talented photographer Alasdair McLellan and stylist Charlotte Collet. Meet the faces of the campaign, including models Joshua Adesope, Joseph Glasser, Nazarit Machin, Lydia Reid, and Will Woodward.

Legacy of Excellence: Bally's Timeless Heritage

Founded in 1851, Bally has a rich heritage in shoemaking and a deep connection to architecture, the arts, and the environment. Today, the brand continues to offer unique designs in shoes, accessories, and ready-to-wear, driven by a commitment to craftsmanship and a contemporary aesthetic. Discover the world of Bally online at