Balmain Spring-Summer 2024 Collection & Pierre Balmain’s Enduring Legacy

September 30, 2023

Tonight's revelation of Balmain Spring 2024 is a sublime journey back in time, a reverent nod to the architectural finesse that Pierre Balmain pioneered. Olivier Rousteing, the visionary behind this collection, intertwines the words of Pierre's eternal friend, Gertrude Stein, whispering “A rose is a rose is a rose.”

Reimagining the Past

This collection is a delicate convergence of Balmain’s most illustrious couture elements from the epoch of the 1940s and 1950s. It crafts sharp cuts and soft curves, representing the tailored precision synonymous with Pierre Balmain’s architectural elegance. The ‘petit pois’, or the iconic polka dot, swirls through the collection, infusing vibrancy and a plethora of textures.

The Rose

Balmain Spring 2024 paints a lyrical tribute to the eternal rose, a motif deeply ingrained in Monsieur Balmain's illustrious designs. The collection, blossoming with three-dimensional roses, showcases a palette of materials including patent leather and recycled plastic bottles, embodying the spirit of the rose – a symbol of joy, beauty, and love – serving as the pulsating heart of the collection, aiming to infuse the world with a bit more love and joy.

The Dance of Love and Thorns

This collection sheds light on the intrinsic duality of the rose, symbolizing the intertwining of beauty and thorns. The designs present a clash between vibrant color palettes and the juxtaposition of softness with crisp Parisian tailoring. They spin a tale where the magnificence of couture heritage blends seamlessly with the spirit of contemporary fashion.

Triumph Over Tribulations: A Gratitude Note

Despite facing the adversity of the untimely robbery of fifty pieces just days before the presentation, Olivier, along with the Balmain team, extends heartfelt gratitude for the support from colleagues, friends, and the Paris police, ensuring the seamless execution of the runway presentation.

The Balmain Spring-Summer 2024 Collection is a poetic homage, a blend of historical elegance and innovation, illustrating the intricate facets of love, beauty, and joy. It is a sophisticated showing of contrasting elements, celebrating the essence of the rose, a timeless symbol of beauty and love, revered by Pierre Balmain. Discover more at