Benjamin Benmoyal’s Spring/Summer 2024 Collection: A Nostalgic Ode to Old Jaffa City

September 28, 2023

Opening the illustrious Paris Fashion Week, Benjamin Benmoyal revealed his 7th collection, an exquisite homage to the city of his youth, Tel Aviv, particularly inspired by the ancient elegance of old Jaffa city.

The collection is a meticulous craft, with fabrics woven to mirror the intricate tapestry of ancient stone walls, streets, and houses that characterize Jaffa. The creations are drenched in nostalgia, capturing the essence of serene sunset evenings spent on Jaffa beaches. This season, Benmoyal steers away from woven cassette tape pieces, introducing innovations in fabric weaving such as daisy Jacquard and faux ripped denim, all meticulously woven from upcycled yarns sourced from France.

The collection paints a vivid zoological tapestry, with jersey pieces portraying the intricate animal art of Ernst Haeckel, a renowned 19th-century German biologist and artist, reflecting the delicate art forms of nature he illustrated.

A notable expansion in Benmoyal’s repertoire is the introduction of a Home line, initially featuring a diverse range of cushions, crafted from the brand’s signature woven fabrics with plans to expand into a broad spectrum of homeware, maintaining the aesthetic of Berber inspiration and Mediterranean vibe. These creations are a commitment to sustainability, crafted from leftover fabrics, ensuring no additional materials are used.

Benmoyal’s seventh collection is more than a fashion statement. It’s a harmonious blend of art, nature, and tradition, a visual exploration interweaving past and present, offering a journey steeped in rich history and elegance. Discover more at