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BETWEEN FRIENDS Unveils Debut Album “I Love My Girl, She’s My Boy” with Captivating New Video

BETWEEN FRIENDS Unveils Debut Album “I Love My Girl, She’s My Boy” with Captivating New Video


BETWEEN FRIENDS, the dynamic alternative pop sibling duo hailing from Los Angeles, has set the stage ablaze with the much-anticipated release of their debut album “I Love My Girl, She’s My Boy.” Complemented by a mesmerizing new video for their track “Self Destruct,” this album marks a significant milestone in their artistic journey. Delving into intimate songwriting realms, BETWEEN FRIENDS’ debut album was expertly produced by Luka Kloser of Max Martin’s MXM team. The album features notable collaborations with Teezo Touchdown, EDEN, and vocals from Bakar, all contributing to its multifaceted brilliance.

Navigating Emotions: “Self Destruct”

In their latest single, “Self Destruct,” Savannah and Brandon craft a reflective performance, offering listeners a glimpse into the aftermath of a breakup. “It was a bad night, yeah, I saw you on a first date / Didn’t think I was someone you could replace / My bad, might have loved you just to feel safe,” Savannah’s vocals intertwine with the acoustic riff, setting an introspective tone for the track. This heartfelt exploration of emotions adds depth and authenticity to the album’s highs and lows.

Photo Credit: Connor Cunningham

A Sonic Journey a Decade in the Making

“I Love My Girl, She’s My Boy” is a decade-long journey for BETWEEN FRIENDS. The album’s lyrics and title are directly inspired by the duo’s real-life experiences, offering a candid view into the lives of many Gen Z individuals navigating post-pandemic challenges. From the lessons learned in love to finding liberation through expression in an increasingly digital society, the album tackles the complex themes of modern existence.

A Glimpse into “I Love My Girl, She’s My Boy”

The album’s tracklist unveils a spectrum of emotions and sounds, spanning from the haunting “Stalker” to the effervescent “Smiley” and the contemplative “Self Destruct.” These tracks collectively capture the essence of youth, love, and self-discovery, set against a backdrop of ’90s-inspired soundscapes.

Embracing Growth in an IRL Era

Having gained massive popularity during the pandemic, amassing over 700 million streams, BETWEEN FRIENDS is ready to embark on a new era with their debut album. Their upcoming 24-date North American tour in October further solidifies their position in the music scene, bringing their unique brand of authentic and relatable music to live audiences. @betweenfriends

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