BIMBA Y LOLA Fall/Winter 2023 Campaign: A Colorful Day Out in the Mechanical Garden

September 4, 2023


In the world of fashion creativity know no bounds, and BIMBA Y LOLA's Fall/Winter 2023 campaign exemplifies just that. Shot by the talented Grant James Thomas, the campaign transports us to a whimsical world where imagination hold at the theme park.


A Mechanical Garden Emerges

Imagine sunny green fields just outside of town, where overnight, a colossal mechanical garden springs to life. This fantastical creation is a world of bright colors, whirling shapes, and uproarious fun – an enchanting spectacle that beckons everyone to join in. Yes, you read that correctly: BIMBA Y LOLA's FW23 collection is inviting you (and your favorite bag) to embark on a thrilling day at the amusement park.


The Garden Club Series Continues

For this installment of their Garden Club series, Grant James-Thomas and Ashley Munns once again harness their appreciation for the pre-digital outdoors. They have conjured a vibrant Eden brimming with innocent, retro-tech amusements. It's a visual journey that takes us back to simpler times, reminding us of the joy of outdoor play.

The Tote that Steals the Show

As we navigate this whimsical world, one star shines brighter than the rest – the new tote, POCKET BAG. It's the ultimate companion, accompanying us on every exhilarating ride. Whether it's soaring on a rollercoaster, daring bumper car escapades, or gracefully floating beneath a canopy of colorful balloons, the POCKET BAG is in its element. With options in black, red, or grey leather, there's a POCKET BAG for every taste. In return, they love us right back, effortlessly merging style and function.

Rediscovering Your Inner Kid with BYL Garden Club

BIMBA Y LOLA's Garden Club campaign is an invitation to rediscover your inner child. It's a celebration of joy, spontaneity, and a return to the simple pleasures of life. As they say, all fun is at the user's risk, and tokens are not redeemable for cash. This campaign serves as a vibrant reminder that fashion can be an exciting journey where imagination knows no boundaries. Discover more on