Black Coffee Dazzles in Custom AMIRI at Historic Madison Square Garden Event

October 10, 2023

Grammy Award-winning DJ and producer Black Coffee etched a new chapter in music history this past week. Headlining Madison Square Garden, he became the first South African musician to commandeer this iconic stage. The night wasn't just about music—fashion made a statement. Black Coffee MSG sported a custom AMIRI ensemble, a blend of artistic grandeur and impeccable craftsmanship.

The shirt, an embodiment of dedication, was inspired by 'The Pyramids', an art piece by Wonderbuhle, a South African artist. This artwork, commissioned by Black Coffee, resonates with depth, a tribute to the three paramount women in his life: his mother and two grandmothers. A global collaboration in its creation, the shirt was beaded in Mumbai, meticulously assembled in Italy, and utilized the ancient Zardozi technique. Details such as the chunky cut beads and delicate draping captured eyes and hearts.

While this performance stands as Black Coffee's largest US show, it's not the only feather in his cap. From winning a GRAMMY for 'Subconsciously' to executive producing for Drake and playing a pivotal role in Hicham Hajji’s film 'God Is A DJ', Black Coffee's influence is undeniable. Dubbed the “Afropolitan House” maestro, his sonic concoctions are a mix of African percussion and contemporary techno.

Beyond music, his philanthropic efforts back home and business acumen, especially in fashion, deserve mention. Collaborations with fashion giant Virgil Abloh and creating soundtracks for fashion shows highlight Black Coffee's multifaceted genius.

Wonderbuhle, the artist behind the shirt's inspiration, hails from Kwazulu-Natal, and his artistry lies in portraying Black bodies in serene poses. His signature gold flower motif, symbolic of ancestral practices in his village, adorns his masterpieces, emphasizing his rootedness.

In this Madison Square Garden event, Black Coffee's music, Wonderbuhle's art, and AMIRI's fashion came together, creating an evening of harmony.