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BLUEMARBLE Fall/Winter 2024: “Starchaser” – A Journey of Cosmic Proportions

BLUEMARBLE Fall/Winter 2024: “Starchaser” – A Journey of Cosmic Proportions

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In its fifth year, BLUEMARBLE embarks on an interstellar journey with its Fall/Winter 2024 “Starchaser” collection. Inspired by Kidlat Tahimik’s film, “Perfumed Nightmare,” the collection parallels the story’s theme of boundless curiosity. Anthony Alvarez, blending his Filipino heritage with global wanderlust, crafts a narrative that echoes humanity’s shared dream of space exploration, aligning with the brand’s ethos represented by the iconic image of the Earth – the Blue Marble.

Funkadelic Versatility: Fabrics, Colors, and Silhouettes

“Starchaser” is a funkadelic foray into a diverse range of fabrics, colors, and silhouettes. This collection is defined by its unique interplay of sportiness and craftsmanship. Alvarez infuses everyday chic with a youthful, space-age twist, offering an effortlessly stylish wardrobe that’s as versatile as it is vibrant.

Myth and Cosmos: Graphics and the Universal Logo

Graphics in this collection traverse from the mythical Filipino bakunawa dragon to cosmic patterns, underpinning the collection with a sense of mythological wonder. The BLUEMARBLE universal logo, featuring the globe encircled by crystal-studded peace signs, cements the brand’s commitment to global unity and interstellar peace.

Outerwear in Prismatic Hues and Metallic Textures

The collection boasts oversized wool coats in prismatic hues, alongside all-weather, garment-dyed parkas. Slick metallic bombers in space-inspired coated nylon, complete with quilted embroidery, capture the collection’s cosmic theme, while doubled-up shirt variations and merged materials like zip-fronts in wool and nylon with Jeepney motifs showcase Alvarez’s innovative blending of textures.

Cosmic-Inspired Prints and Standout Pants

Space imagery collages and Bon Voyage prints in French and Tagalog adorn shirts, reflecting Alvarez’s vision of a journey beyond the stars. Standout pants in the collection include denim with metallic paneling, cargos with repositioned pockets, and tie-dye corduroys, echoing the collection’s space-age narrative.

Extravagant Peignoir Coats and Futuristic Footwear

Peignoir coats, in either lush faux fur or spray-painted with the season’s themes, embody personality and boldness. The footwear range, including the hybrid Odyssey boot and Celesta sneakers with robust soles, is designed for both earthly adventures and imagined intergalactic travels.

Headwear for the New Age

Dramatic caps with integrated goggles paired with floppy, furry hats offer a bold statement in headwear, aligning with the collection’s futuristic vision.

A Message of Intergalactic Friendship

The collection concludes with a message of peace and unity, extending an olive branch to beings beyond the Blue Marble. It’s a tribute to humanity’s eternal quest for understanding and harmony, transcending the bounds of Earth to embrace a peaceful cosmic future.

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