Blumarine’s Enchanting Spring/Summer 2024 Collection: A Dance of Light and Sensuality

September 27, 2023

The Blumarine girl is a creature of moody and fleeting whims, dancing with capricious lightness like a butterfly in golden atmospheres. This season, she is envisioned through the creative lens of Nicola Brognano, the brand’s Creative Director, who paints her in the luminous essence of summer, drenched in clear, limpid colors and adorned in slim silhouettes.

Brognano’s vision for her is one of expressive, modern sensuality that wraps tightly around the body yet moves with freeing grace, devoid of any traces of romanticism. “Sensuality is expressive, strong, modern, natural, with no romanticism,” states Brognano, emphasizing the radiant lightness that defines the essence of the summer season.

Ephemeral Elegance and Lustrous Detailing

Catsuits as fine as jersey hosiery, punctuated with swirling butterfly cut-outs, showcase the brand's intricate detailing. Bustiers, corsets, and ultra-short dresses crafted in clear PVC shimmer with crystal studs or matte resin rhinestones, exuding a kind of ephemeral elegance.

Sinuous draped tunics playfully wrap around the body, creating a symphony of bows and sashes, while airy blouses in light georgette transform into cascading, raw-hemmed ribbons. Meanwhile, soft golden leather capri pants cinched by metallic chains with butterfly buckles, and charmingly playful little bags created in collaboration with FORBITCHES x Blumarine, infuse the collection with whimsical elegance.

Symbolic Butterfly Motif

The butterfly, a symbol steeped in evocative imagery, flits across the collection, gracing minidresses, briefs, bustiers with its enchanting presence. It’s more than a motif; it’s a representation of the Blumarine girl herself – frivolous, light, and enchantingly seductive.

This Blumarine collection is a dance between sensuality and lightness, a world of enchanting seduction and capricious elegance. Each piece is a testament to modern, expressive sensuality, a portrayal of a girl who is as moody and whimsical as she is enchantingly light. For more visit