Bode fall winter 2023

January 25, 2023

Bode presents the fall winter 2023 collection in Paris. Explore the full collection below.

Collection Notes

Since 2016, Emily Adams Bode Aujla has focused on redefining American menswear with collections that explore biographical narratives and archive and preserve handcraft techniques. These collections have predominantly focused on her father and the Bode family.

Bode, FW23
Bode, FW23

FW23 marks the debut of Bode womenswear. Bode Aujla’s maternal family, the Rice sisters, serve as the foundation for this expanded world of Bode. The Rice sisters, Jackie, Nancy, Diane, and Janet (Bode Aujla’s mother), were born between 1948–1956 and raised in Massachusetts.

The Crane Estate refers to a residence in Woods Hole, MA where Janet worked in 1976 while she was in college. It was here that Janet was introduced to the 90-year-old Ms. Long and her idiosyncrasies. She was captivated by Ms. Long’s obsession with the rolling cutting gardens and her eccentric, ever-changing floral arrangements.

One of Janet’s primary roles was preparing dinner. Each evening, the dining table would be set formally for twelve, though there were rarely any guests. For dinner, Ms. Long would descend from her bedroom wearing embellished dresses and gowns from the late 1890s–1940s. After dinner, Janet would sneak out the back door to meet a neighborhood boy, or as Ms. Long called him, a “gentleman caller.” It was a period of self-discovery, the moment before adult life began and college identity fades.

Bode, FW23
Bode, FW23

The Crane Estate

The collection features historical reproductions from Janet’s stories of The Crane Estate, such as 1920s beaded dresses and 1940s velvet gowns, as well as references to family heirlooms that have been passed down the Rice lineage. For menswear, there are tuxedos with rhinestone lapels, suits embellished with sequin Champagne bottles, velvet embroidered sets, and a classically-tailored camel hair overcoat.

Notable styles are micro floral printed corduroy suits and leather and suede fringe jackets—some fully crocheted while others are laboriously beaded. Additionally featured for womenswear are tissue-cashmere sweaters, delicate lace lingerie, silk teddies, and knitted wool shorts.

This season’s accessories include a selection of gold costume jewelry, lamé embellished crowns and hats, crochet berets, suede clutches, and printed silk scarves. The Crane Estate is a nod to novelty American traditions and holidays from the last three centuries.