Bond No.9 New York launches first all-natural fragrance, the Scent of Peace Natural

January 27, 2022

The iconic New York fragrance house, Bond No.9, announces the launch of their first Eco-Luxe fragrance, The Scent of Peace Natural. The founder of Bond No.9, Laurice Rahmé, previously pledged to "protect the planet by launching a glass bottle recycling effort – a first in the world of fragrance."

The brand is known for its refill & recycle events that encourage customers to bring in their used bottles for refills rather than to dispose of them. The new all-natural fragrance sets the tone and breaks the mold for the fragrance industry which has long relied upon elaborate bottling and packaging.

The Scent of Peace Natural represents a likeminded generational shift: In 2022, “the consumer doesn’t just want a natural fragrance, they demand it,” according to Bond No. 9 founder Laurice Rahmé. “Creating a natural fragrance can be a huge challenge,” she continues. “We had this ambition for a long time, but the key was to find a perfumer who was experienced enough and who would actually be willing to work with these natural notes. Perfumers don’t like to be constrained or limited this more nontraditional method demands a very talented nose—so we were confident that Michel Almairac would be up to the task.”

The Scent of Peace Natural will join the Bond family of over 90 fragrances on Earth Day, April 22nd, 2022.

Top notes: lemon, blackcurrant, and petit grain lemon tree
Heart notes: raspberry and rose damascena
Base notes: ambroxan, cedarwood, and musk

Bond No.9, The Scent of Peace Natural.
The Scent of Peace Natural by Bond No.9