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Bottega Veneta Fall 2021

Bottega Veneta Fall 2021

The Salon 01 Bottega Veneta (New Bottega) collection was shown in London to a small audience in October. The dazzling and yet subtly pared back collection is a powerful one. The sensual fabrications and bold color choices exemplify the confidence that Lee has for his designs at Bottega Veneta. The house has always embodied a sort of luxurious effortlessness that almost means to say if you’re trying harder than this, you’re doing it wrong. Lee continues that legacy while defining his own stake in the brand DNA with this collection.

The 60s retro color palette looks like something out of a Pierre Cardin catalogue or a tarmac at Miami International Airport in the 60s. The sophisticated fabrications and equally mesmerizing colors channel that era quite heavily but updates the cut to a much slimmer one quite nicely.

It makes sense that Lee has found respite in the 60s as it is after all a decade of easiness and indulgence – two values Bottega Veneta embodies. Have a look at the full collection pictured below. Click the image to expand into the gallery view. Images courtesy of Bottega Veneta.

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