Bottega Veneta Introduces Accademia Labor et Ingenium: Crafting the Future of Artisanship

October 19, 2023

Bottega Veneta reaffirms its foundational ethos this October by unveiling the Accademia Labor et Ingenium. The academy is a modern manifestation of the brand's intimate ties to the age-old concept of "bottega" – a workshop where artisans meticulously refine their craft and bequeath their skills to budding talents. Named after the brand’s foundational principles inscribed in its original crest, Labor et Ingenium translates to "Craft and Creativity."

Elegance in Architecture: A Glimpse into Bottega Veneta's 'Craft in Motion' Vision.

The Academy’s Dual Locales

Situated between the Bottega Veneta atelier in Montebello Vicentino and a novel dedicated section at the brand’s manufacturing venue in Povolaro Dueville, the Accademia promises to be a perpetual hub of creativity. Here, Bottega Veneta's workforce, fresh recruits, and external students will have the privilege of absorbing knowledge directly from master artisans via intensive training sessions, workshops, and courses.

Dedicated artisans at work: Inside the Accademia Labor et Ingenium, where traditional craftsmanship meets innovative design.

A Promise to 50 Students Annually

A pivotal feature of the Accademia is an exhaustive training regimen designed for 50 scholars each year. These students are not just imparted knowledge but are also promised employment with Bottega Veneta post the culmination of their course. Supervised by five of Bottega Veneta’s most esteemed artisans, this initiative remains true to the brand’s tradition of communal growth, dating back to its inception in 1966.

Master and apprentice: A moment of shared craftsmanship, where experience meets passion in the art of creation.

Upskilling Initiatives and Collaboration

The Accademia doesn’t solely focus on fresh talent. It also offers avenues for the current employees of Bottega Veneta to refine and augment their skill sets. Furthermore, it aims to forge training alliances with regional partners, thereby fostering the vivacity of the Veneto district and championing the esteemed "Made in Italy" lineage.

CEO's Vision for Accademia

Bottega Veneta CEO, Leo Rongone, regards the Accademia as pivotal in conserving the brand's unparalleled artistry. He opined, “This initiative not only fortifies our brand but also the legacy of our ancestral Veneto region. Through the Accademia, we amplify the shared values central to Bottega Veneta, drawing from our illustrious past of skill exchange and innovation to groom the craftsmen of tomorrow.”

First External Collaboration with IUAV University

Mark your calendars for 16th October when Accademia Labor et Ingenium premieres its maiden external collaboration. In alliance with Venice's IUAV University, a meticulously tailored seven-week masterclass titled “The Artisanal Creative Process: Training Course in Bag Design & Product Development” will be launched. This initiative provides eight handpicked IUAV scholars an eclectic blend of classroom, virtual, and atelier-centric learning.

Ruggero Negretto: Bridging Past and Future

Ruggero Negretto, one of Bottega Veneta's most seasoned employees, assumes a pivotal role in this master artisan consortium. Entrusted with the task of transmitting the treasured skills and company ethos, Negretto reminisced, “My nascent days at Bottega Veneta were enriched by the dedication and expertise of seasoned artisans. To pass on this invaluable legacy to the next generation is both an honor and an obligation.”