Bottega Veneta Unveils The Revitalized Paris Flagship Store on Avenue Montaigne

September 27, 2023

Photography by François Halard

Welcoming a new chapter under the artistic eye of Matthieu Blazy, Bottega Veneta unveils its reinvented Parisian flagship store on the iconic 12 Avenue Montaigne on September 25th. The store embodies Italian craftsmanship, inviting visitors into Bottega Veneta's realm of imagination and time. Explore the store as seen through the lens of François Halard below.

Heritage and Innovation

The space, spanning almost 800m2, is a charming dialogue between Venetian glass and Italian walnut wood, bathing the store in a soft, ethereal light, whispering stories of modern grace and age-old Venetian artistry.

Within its expansive and luminous walls, the store crafts a balance between grandiosity and intimacy, between visions of the cosmos and the warmth of seclusion. It's a place where luxury meets comfort, where each nook is a whisper of the brand’s understated elegance and rich sensory experience.

Craftsmanship in Every Detail

Every element in the store is an homage to Bottega Veneta's deep roots in artisanal craftsmanship, from the unique pieces of furniture handcrafted by Venetian artisans to the soft embrace of leather seats and wool carpets. Details like the unique glass handle by Ritsue Mishima accentuate the sense of discovery and connection to original, artisanal designs.

Every brass hook and handle in the store is a reflection of Blazy’s Drop motif, reminiscent of the enchanting, rippling waters of Venice, subtly echoing the brand’s rich heritage and its ongoing dance with its Venetian origins.

Hosting the full Winter '23 collection, this haven offers a range of Bottega Veneta ready-to-wear and accessories but also introduces an exclusive in-store personalization service for select leather goods, allowing patrons to add their unique touch to the pieces.

The newly reincarnated flagship store of Bottega Veneta on Avenue Montaigne is not only a shopping destination, it’s a space to celebrate art and design under Blazy’s innovative vision. It extends an invitation to experience Bottega Veneta, showcasing the brand’s innovation, heritage, and the epitome of luxury. Discover more on