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Botter Unveils the ‘Vodou’ Collection for Spring Summer2024

Botter Unveils the ‘Vodou’ Collection for Spring Summer2024

botter ss24

Botter is as a visionary brand constantly pushing boundaries and embracing cultural diversity. Their latest Spring/Summer 2024 collection titled ‘Vodou,’ Botter takes us on a journey inspired by the rich heritage of Haitian culture and the transformative power of Vodou.

Celebrating Unity and the Power of Vodou

Vodou, deeply rooted in Haitian traditions, symbolizes the unity of all forces of nature and a profound connection between the living and the spirits. This collection serves as a vibrant tribute to this worldview, embracing a strong sense of continuous energy flow and the restoration of harmony and rhythm.

Botter SS24
Botter SS24

The Transformative Design Elements

The garments in the ‘Vodou’ collection embody this philosophy through their unique design elements. Twisted panels seamlessly merge into one, creating a continuous flow that represents the interconnectedness of all things. Raw-cut fabrics are skillfully twisted into stunning garments, symbolizing the transformation and rebirth that Vodou signifies.

Artistic Collaborations and Sustainable Craftsmanship: Botter’s dedication to sustainability and artistic collaboration shines through in ‘Vodou.’ The collection showcases illustrations by acclaimed Haitian artist Day Brierre, which are printed on organic silks and woven into jacquard patterns alongside algae and cotton yarns. The use of discarded toys transformed into jewelry and upcycled Scooby Doo yarns woven into knitwear showcases Botter’s commitment to creative recycling and innovative craftsmanship.

Botter SS24

Fusion of Cross-Cultural Influences: Continuing their partnership with Reebok, Botter introduces sportswear that embodies the fusion of cross-cultural influences. Trompe l’oeil silhouettes challenge perceptions with a single slit in the back neck, creating an optical illusion. Trainer jackets and soccer shirts defy traditional norms, sitting slightly different around the body, inviting a reimagining of balance and form.

Innovative Footwear Designs

One of the highlights of the collection is the ‘Bo Kèts’ sneakers, a mesmerizing transformation of the soccer cleat. Embracing a glove-like fit, the sculptured heel gracefully moves in waves towards the sole, blending functionality and artistry. Another innovation is the Reebok Murex Shell pool slide, an evolution of the 3D printed sneakers inspired by the Murex shell. Created with cutting-edge 3D printing technology, it captures the free-flowing essence of the shoe.

‘Vodou’ encapsulates Botter’s commitment to cultural appreciation, artistic expression, and sustainability. With this collection, Botter invites us to embrace unity, celebrate diversity, and honor the transformative power of fashion.

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