Brice Marden: “Let the Painting Make You” – An Introspective Exhibition at Gagosian New York

October 10, 2023

Blue Painting, 2022–23
Oil on linen
72 x 96 inches (182.9 x 243.8 cm)
© 2023 Estate of Brice Marden / Artists Rights Society (ARS) New York
Photo: Rob McKeever
Courtesy Gagosian

In the world of art, contradictions are commonplace. As Brice Marden once remarked, "The only rule is there are no rules. But everybody works by rules. You set up your own rules." These words of the master are set to come alive once again at the Gagosian.

A Journey into the Depths of Artistic Expression

Gagosian Gallery announces "Let the Painting Make You," a collection of the latest paintings and drawings by Brice Marden. Set to open on November 2 at 980 Madison Avenue, New York, the exhibition promises to be an immersive introspective into Marden's visionary world. Marden's creations from 2023, birthed in the serene confines of his studio in Tivoli, New York, will take center stage.

These large paintings, marked by their intricate linear networks overlaying colored grounds, are a testament to an artist drawing on a lifetime's intuition. The raw spontaneity of these pieces not only reflects Marden's philosophy of letting the paintings "make" us but also showcases his profound ability to meld history, spiritual traditions, and diverse cultural experiences into his work.

The Journey Behind the Works

The unique nature of the paintings is also a reflection of Marden's physical circumstances. He produced these masterpieces while confined to a wheelchair, demonstrating that artistry knows no bounds. These works stand in stark contrast to his previous Gagosian exhibition in 2021, showing a transition from more controlled art to a freer expression. One of the masterpieces, "Untitled," a seven-panel monochrome presentation, was completed just days before Marden's departure from this world.

Paul Galvez in his essay captures this evolution, noting how Marden's recent works "ensnare every element in the flux of a planar web." Tiffany Bell dives deeper into this approach, observing how Marden began "ending his conversations sooner," giving viewers a more intimate look into his creative process.

Commemorating a Legacy

Brice Marden, whose life journey began in 1938 in Bronxville, New York, and concluded in 2023 in Tivoli, left behind a robust body of work. His creations found homes in esteemed institutions, from the Museum of Modern Art in New York to the Tate in London.

As an homage to his legacy, "Let the Painting Make You" will also feature a publication with insights from Larry Gagosian, Tiffany Bell, and Paul Galvez, complemented by photographs from Helen and Mirabelle Marden. The opening reception is slated for Thursday, November 2, from 6–8 pm. The exhibit will run from November 2 to December 22, 2023, at 980 Madison Avenue, New York. For further information, visit