Briston Maroney’s “Ultrapure”: A Musical Journey of Authenticity

October 8, 2023

Amidst today's crowded musical landscape, Briston Maroney's "Ultrapure" strikes a chord that resonates with both authenticity and innovation. It's an album with a statement, a reflection, and a journey through the artist's soul. As we dive into its depths, we discover not only Maroney's unique voice but also the universality of human experience—its pains, pleasures, and profound moments of clarity.

Briston Maroney. Photo by Muriel Margaret.
Briston Maroney. Photo by Muriel Margaret.

Embracing Moments of Genius

The second track, "Body," serves as a ballad setting a reflective ambiance for the entire album. This song captures Maroney's artistic growth, touching on universal themes and the importance of cherishing every moment. "The only plan I've made is to love like I might never get to love someone again," Maroney passionately declares, setting the stage for the soulful journey that the album promises to be.

A Nostalgic Expedition

Songs such as “Delaware,” “Sunshine,” and “Ultrapure” function as sonic windows, offering listeners a glance into Maroney’s past experiences. They perfectly juxtapose pain and pleasure, weaving a narrative that’s both poignant and relatable.

The Evolutionary Testament

Maroney’s growth as an artist is evident in tracks like “Breathe” and “Chaos Party." These songs epitomize his ability to mold pain into lyrical beauty. On the other hand, numbers like “Sunburn Fades,” “Skyline,” and “Sink;Swim” underscore his songwriting dexterity, transforming universal feelings into melodies that leave a mark.

Beyond the Ordinary in Music

In an age where musical offerings can often feel transient and surface-level, "Ultrapure" emerges as a beacon of raw emotion and authentic artistry. It’s not just a collection of songs, but a celebration of those unguarded emotional moments that echo long after the last note has played.