Burberry fall winter 2022

March 11, 2022

Ricardo Ticsi presents Burberry fall winter 2022 as part of London Fashion Week.


"It was important for me to explore what it means to belong, how our roots influence our identity and how the power of community and togetherness is what truly brings meaning to the world. Therefore, I wanted this collection to convey that intensity of feeling and to celebrate not only coming together, but the city in which we come together today; the city in which Burberry grew and established a family.

To me, London is a place of dreams, a capital building on its heritage and unified by its diverse community and an attitude of moving beyond boundaries –of pursuing limitless potential. The collection embodies an intangible essence that is Britishness, a unique fusion of honouring the beauty of the past, whilst also remaining focussed on the future with thankfulness, hope and love."

Riccardo Tisci, Chief Creative Officer


Both new faces as well as established Burberry models walked the show, with special appearances including highly esteemed Italian singer-songwriter Mahmood, British professional boxer Richard Riakporhe, film director Jared Buckheister and musician Andrew Vvarholla.

Models from the Burberry family across menswear included Khalil, Matteo, Miles, Nozomu, Reece and Sacha. Models across womenswear included Anita, Anok, Bella, Felice, Fran, Gigi, Irina, Kayako, Lea, Ladyfag, Loli, Mayowa, Mariacarla, Mona, Saskia, Stella, Sora and Xue.