BUTT Magazine’s 33rd Issue: Exploring Unapologetic Queer Culture

September 6, 2023

The resurgent and fearless pink publication, BUTT Magazine, is back with a bang as it reveals its 33rd issue, brimming with unapologetic queer culture. Since its surprise resurrection in 2022, BUTT has been making waves, cementing its status as a go-to hub for vital conversations and uninhibited explorations of LGBTQ+ life.

Emil Cañita's Joyful Glory Hole

On the cover of BUTT's latest issue, Emil Cañita, a trans sex worker and artist hailing from Sydney, radiates joy from behind her homemade glory hole. Her satisfaction is palpable, setting the tone for what lies within the magazine's pages.

Diving into the Queer Conversation

Having already published four packed-to-the-brim issues since its revival, BUTT continues to push the envelope, delving into some of the most crucial discussions and unfiltered dynamics within queer culture. From renowned global figures like Arca and Félix Maritaud to unsung heroes, activists, and sex workers, BUTT leaves no stone unturned as it offers an unapologetically sexy and shockingly candid snapshot of our contemporary queer world.

The Diverse Cast of BUTT 33

BUTT 33 is a celebration of desire, art, and the creation of new queer realms. This issue introduces a captivating lineup of personalities, including professional wrestler Sonny Kiss, culinary sensation Andy Baraghani, punk philosopher Paul B. Preciado, fashion maven Tomo Koizumu, and artist extraordinaire Jwan Yosef. The visual storytelling is equally alluring, with contributions from Pol Anglada, Benjamin Fredrickson, Melanie Bonajo, and many more.

Available Now Worldwide

BUTT's tantalizing issue 33 is now within reach, gracing the shelves of stores worldwide. It's also conveniently accessible for online orders at Looking ahead to October, BUTT is gearing up for a thrilling event in the heart of New York City, co-hosted with none other than Bottega Veneta. Stay tuned for more details.

A Glance at BUTT's Legacy

Founded in Amsterdam in 2001, BUTT magazine has been a fearless platform for interviews and photographs of unapologetic queers from around the globe. Printed on its signature pink pages and pocket-sized for convenience, BUTT has released 33 issues, offering LGBTQ+ individuals a space to speak candidly about their ideas, work, and sex lives. Over the years, BUTT has produced two anthologies with Taschen, a documentary titled 'After BUTT,' and a series of calendars and legendary parties. After a hiatus from print, BUTT is back in action, with four fresh issues since 2022.