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Calvin Klein 205W39NYC, Pre-Spring 2019

Calvin Klein 205W39NYC, Pre-Spring 2019

Calvin Klein 205W39NYC presents the pre-spring collection by Chief Creative Officer, Raf Simons. Inspired by the uniforms of American youth, the collection finds inspiration from college sororities, fraternities, and their pastimes. Ideas surrounding the collegiate and group sports are combined with references to mid-century haute couture. Turtlenecks become evening gowns, scuba and water sports gear become trousers and coats – ball games and ball gowns sit side-by-side in an egalitarian expression of American pastimes.

For the collection, Calvin Klein partnered with two American higher education institutions, The University of California, Berkeley and Yale University. Their logos and emblems are decontextualized and used across several pieces throughout the collection. Explore the full offering below. Images courtesy of Calvin Klein.



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