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Cartier redefines elegance with the striking Grain de Café Collection

Cartier redefines elegance with the striking Grain de Café Collection


Cartier unveils the Grain de Café collection, a stunning blend of 1950s French Riviera glamour and Grace Kelly’s radiant beauty. Inspired by Cartier’s signature yellow gold flora and the art of transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary, this collection of rings, pendants, earrings, and brooches exudes a timeless elegance. The coffee bean motif, arranged in clusters, adds a delicate rustle, enhancing the skin like a warm summer’s touch.

Cartier’s exquisite craftsmanship shines through in the fusion of coffee beans, diamonds, and rubellite beads. A ring, bracelet, and necklace showcase this alluring blend, capturing attention with their captivating design. As a tribute to Cartier’s heritage, a necklace from the original 1955 Grain de Café collection is also reintroduced, honoring the Maison’s creative history and Jeanne Toussaint.

Marie-Laure Cérède, Creative Director of Jewellery and Watchmaking, describes the Grain de Café collection as a versatile symbol of creative freedom. With its interplay of light, finishes, and volumes, this collection offers a new level of preciousness and sensory design.

The Grain de Café collection will be available at Cartier stores worldwide starting June 1st, 2023. Immerse yourself in Cartier’s world of elegance and embrace the captivating spirit of this remarkable collection.

The Grain de Café

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