Celebrating Milan’s Artistic Heritage: Gucci Prospettive 1 – Milano Ancora Publication

September 22, 2023

Gucci Prospettive, a series of publications accompanying Gucci's fashion collections, celebrates this fusion. In its inaugural chapter, Gucci Prospettive n.1: Milano Ancora, the brand reaffirms its commitment to bridging artistic expression and fashion.

Guided by Vision: Stefano Collicelli Cagol

Steering this artistic journey is Stefano Collicelli Cagol, a visionary with a PhD and the director of the Luigi Pecci Center for Contemporary Art in Prato. Cagol, formerly the curator of the Rome Quadriennale from 2018 to 2021, infuses life into Gucci Prospettive n.1: Milano Ancora—a nod to Milan's history and artistic significance.

Lucio Fontana Concetto spaziale, Attesa, 1964 Collezione privata © Fondazione Lucio Fontana, Milano, by Siae, 2023

Unraveling Milan's Cultural Tapestry

Within the pages of this exquisite volume unfolds a profound tribute to Milan. Here, the realms of art, literature, music, cinema, fashion, and history converge, weaving a tapestry of cultural richness from the post-war era to the present day. Milano Ancora shares fragmented tales of the city's enduring cultural and artistic legacy.

In a continuous wave of creativity, the artists featured in Gucci Prospettive n.1 share their distinctive perspectives on Milan. They reimagine Milan, portraying it not just as a city of beauty but also as a realm of carnal allure and limitless potential. These artists move beyond conventional narratives, redefining Milan's essence and pushing the boundaries of artistic expression.

Fresh Voices: Emerging Talents from Accademia di Brera

The artists in this publication, including Cristiano Rizzo, Martino Santori, Noura Tafeche, and Valerio Eliogabalo Torrisi, are selected through collaboration with the renowned Accademia di Brera. As recent graduates, they infuse the project with fresh perspectives and promising voices.

Franko B., Protect Me, 1990. Foto / Photo: Franko B. Studio.
© Franko B.

Physical Expression: The Gallery at Via Fiori Chiari 5

As a tribute to this vibrant creative force, a temporary gallery comes to life at Via Fiori Chiari 5. Open to the public from September 19 to 23, this space embodies Gucci Prospettive n.1: Milano Ancora. Here, visitors immerse themselves in the artistic narratives that thread through this homage to Milan.

Eternal Muse: Milan's Legacy

Gucci Prospettive n.1: Milano Ancora celebrates the enduring connection between fashion and art, reaffirming Gucci's dedication to embracing creativity and cultural richness. Through the eyes of these talented artists, Milan's legacy as a cultural and artistic powerhouse is rekindled and reimagined for a new generation. As this dialogue between art and fashion evolves, anticipate more groundbreaking collaborations and visionary works from Gucci. Milan, with its timeless allure and ever-evolving spirit, remains an eternal muse for the world of fashion and art.