Celebrating the Iconic Peekaboo: Introducing FENDI’s Peekaboo-K Book

October 11, 2023

As tribute to 15 years since its inception, FENDI unveils a limited-edition book, "Peekaboo-K", celebrating the revered Peekaboo bag — a hallmark of luxury, innovation, and timeless design.

A journey from runway to icon, elegantly chronicled in 'Peekaboo-K'

The Birth of a Classic

Conceived by the brilliant Silvia Venturini Fendi, FENDI's Artistic Director of Accessories and Menswear, the Peekaboo bag encapsulates the delicate balance of simplicity and eccentricity. This enigmatic design first dazzled the runway during the Women’s Spring/Summer 2009 collection, marrying clean-cut, almost surgical shapes with enlarged volumes and tight waist slips.

Silvia Venturini Fendi reflects on its genesis, stating, “simplicity is built on the concept of whispered luxury... the one occasion when a woman would be advised to walk around with an unfastened, open bag”.

The Story Behind the Name

While the Peekaboo bag's design speaks for itself, its distinctive name carries a tale of its own. "Peekaboo" mirrors the bag's playful nature, reminiscent of the beloved childhood game, "peek-a-boo, I see you". During its conception, Silvia Venturini Fendi debated naming it 'Hide-and-Seek'. Yet, 'Peekaboo' prevailed, capturing the bag’s signature ‘smile’ and the unexpected delights concealed within its plush compartments.

The Structure: A Study of Opposites

Its architecture, a perfect trapezoid, harmoniously blends minimalism with precious textures and colors. This dynamic interplay contrasts sleek design with rich materiality, offering glimpses into the world of artisanal fashion where its best face remains unseen.

Dive into Peekaboo-K

The book itself, like the bag, is a treasure waiting to be unearthed. The external axonometric cover, inspired by the Rose Black PeekabooISeeU bag, immediately captivates, hinting at the timeless elegance within. Inside, a curated collection of 80 iconic bags awaits, gleaned from FENDI's historical archive and segmented into four enlightening chapters.

Chapter 1 – Revising Textures

French journalist Sophie Fontanel and photographer Peter Langer delve into the various material finishes the Peekaboo bag has undergone over the years, reflecting on its evolution and relevance in fashion history.

Chapter 2 – Canvas

This segment highlights Peekaboo's transformation into a canvas for renowned architects and creatives, like Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, to leave their signature marks, thereby elevating the bag's artistic stature.

Chapter 3 – Eclectic Instinct

Chloe Bailey and photographer Sebastian Lager explore the myriad of inspirations and materials that have adorned the Peekaboo, emphasizing its playful yet refined essence.

Chapter 4 – FENDI Graphia

Actress Naomi Watts and photographer Adrien Dubost delve deep into the symbols, values, and imprints that have graced the Peekaboo, representing the spirit and essence of the FENDI woman.

An Enduring Legacy

Spanning generations, the Peekaboo-K inauguration is enriched by insights from three generations of the Fendi family. The conversation, involving Silvia Venturini Fendi, Delfina Delettrez Fendi, and Leonetta Luciano Fendi, is a testament to the bag's profound legacy.

Peekaboo-K is more than a book; it is a celebration of craft, personality, wit, and irony that the Peekaboo represents for FENDI. A masterclass in design and innovation, the book is available on and in select FENDI boutiques worldwide from October 2023.